Relevance of History for an administrator

Many times we wonder why we still need to bother about History Its happened already now we are living in different time and living among different people. Would reading history is waste of time? Would it be deleted? Even same idead came to this writer mind. When we think deeply there is a chance of finding answer to this question.

For any administrator there are two qualities that essentially required quick decision making and proper judgement.  An administrator may not have any other qualities but with out these two no one can become a good administrator. Knowledge is not at all required to become a good administrator as people assume because there are many people who can provide that. Some times people argue about who was responsible for 1991 economic reforms either PV or Manmohan Singh ? If this writer has to tell his opinion it should go to PV . Why? Many economists had suggested about reforms since Independence but what was lacking is decision making and proper timing. This two things  come only with decision making and proper judgement. So to conclude for any administrator the required qualities are decision making and judgement.

While reading history we suppose to read about  many kingdoms their rise and fall, different kings decision making skills and judgement about circumstances all these things will help to improve decision making and judgement skills.

2) A person gives more value to anything if he sees its evolution like a person gives more value  to a rupee if he earns it than who spends it. like wise while reading history we study about how agriculture evolved over the millions of year or a festival or a culture. When we know this the way we see the things will be completely different. Just think on it.

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