overcoming fear to experience wisdom

To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom:

There was a conversation between Winston churchil and Nehru, Churchil asked Nehru “ Did you hate me? We exploited, tortured, killed some people, took away your freedom”, Nehru replied “No, we don’t have any ill feelings towards you or Britishers”, Then Churchil replied “ Hats off , you Indians have conquered hate and fear”. This conversation reveals the attitude of people who conquered fear. Indians under the guidance of Gandhiji conquered the fear so seeing the things differently. We hate the sin not the sinners. If we did not conquer the fear we detest britishers and develop hatred which will harm ourselves not the britishers. So conquering fear helps us to have right wisdom.

Wisdom in simple terms is knowledge, in complex terms good sense of judgment. People apply wisdom in day to day life to utilize the resources properly, to lead happy life, to make decisions, to resolve the conflicts. Gandhiji manytimes proclaimed his wisdom saved him from not committing blunders. Kiran Bedi says her wisdom drives her in taking any decisions. Importance of wisdom is phenomenal in human lives. But it depends on certain factors-Experience, rationality, free will, objectivity. Wisdom gained with these traits only rational, otherwise bad wisdom will keep our lives in jeopardy.

Fear is afraid of something. Here something can be anything. There is close relationship between fear and wisdom. If fear is there it is difficult to gain wisdom. If one gains wisdom with fear, that is detrimental to the society.

Fear kills rationality. It makes us to think self centric. Why some sportsmen take drugs to win sports? Fear of failure, it kills the persons rationality and could not think of consequences. Great cyclist of all times indulged in doping activities was clear case of it. Fear makes us more self centric and we should win or gain. This does not allow us see things objectively. Right wisdom gains if we see the things from objective lens and others point of view, but fear deprives that innate quality of humans.

Wisdom also means realizing one’s own potential. It is possible if one realize that potential. Fear suppresses that potential. It makes us inferior. If one keep on thinking oneself at low, it is very difficult to realize one’s potential. Abraham Lincoln has said overcoming the outer threats is not so difficult but inside threats like overcoming anxiety, fear, anger, desires is more diificult. This statement exactly reflects how conquering of fear is required to gain wisdom.

Fear of insecurity drives humans towards materialistic tendencies. People chose wrong paths to earn money to quench thrust of generations. Their fear suppresses the basic fact we cant take anything with our death, if that is the truth why people are forgetting simple idea” our ideas can create money but cant revive a diseased person”. Instead of experiencing the life of every tiny moment, people crave towards money, power, fame and authority. All this is out of fear. The fear conquered Gandhiji canceled his insurance policy as he believes if god creates every living beings, he knows how to take care of them. This kind of wisdom can be shown only by fear conquering people.

Most of the people in the society are reactionary in nature. Their actions are counter to some other actions. They think if we don’t attack , other people may attack or other people may kill us. We often see naxalites and police, insurgents and security forces, terrorists and military involve attack and counter attacks. This attacks and counter attacks are out of fear. Our life should be based on our choices not out of coercions or compulsions. Only fear conquered people live with free will with out carrying any baggage of revenge, anger. Gandhiji lived all his life based on his choice, even his movements also. This is possible only if we have attitude of forgiveness. That is possible only if we overcome fear of life.

Wisdom means knowledge. This knowledge can be spread only with freedom of speeceh and expression. In ancient days, Copernicus found out universe is not earth centric but sun centric, for that, the punishment was death sentence. Later Galilieo also found out the same, but by fearing death he did not publish his observations, only later, he could come out openly. This example again proves conquering of fear is required to express openly, to achieve new scientific breakthroughs. Everytime status quo can be broken only with new agruments and innovative ideas. If people are fear of state or religion or community, no society can be progressive. In India also, some fringe elements are creating fear with their whimsical activities like attacking minorities, lynching activities , killing of rationalists. These activities create,fear suppress the out of the box ideas so killing wisdom of intelltecuals.

There are many reasons to fear of human beings. Loneliness is one of major reasons. Not talking with other people, not sharing their ideas and thoughts make them inferior and inward looking. Parents unaltruistic, stern attitude also creates fear among children, same attitude reflect whey they face society. In schools teachers disciplinarian attitude makes students fear and not come out open to express their originality. Fear of Mockery by peers for out of box, or crazy ideas, intolerance attitude by neighbours and society also reasons for fear. Fear of women is more when compared with men due to patriarchial society. Fear of police and state makes the individual not to realize his true wisdom. No need to specifiy what need to be done as reasons explain the solutions—allowing freedom of individual at every stage by different stakeholders, family, teachers, state.

To conclude, Many people see wisdom from narrow outlook, but wisdom has broad applications. If every individual is allowed to apply his wisdom to fullest potential half of the country’s problems will be solved. Socrates has preferred to death when he was not allowed to apply his wisdom on the society. That tells us the wisdom importance. Every human being wants to experience the life and wants to live happy life, with out wisdom it is very difficult. To get right wisdom conquer of fear is equally important. Only with overcoming fear human can think and act like human. Beacause of this Tagore has said, “ oh god please take me to the world where knowledge is free from fear and bias”.

When the relationship between fear and wisdom is clearly established, and it is clear beginning of wisdom happens only with conquering of fear, it is the duty of every stakeholder to make society free from fear. This is not out of progreesive society but out of own self interest as growing wisdom is directly proportional to their growth. There may be some bad consequences out of conquering fear like indiscipline, not respecting elders, law and order violations, or taking the life for granted but when the advantaged outweigh its disadvantages conquering fear for the sake of right wisdom is worth needy. Every individual must contribute their bit to remove fear among other individuals, This mutual cooperative act help to overcome fear and everybody starts experiencing the true wisdom and apply to take the society forward and progressive.

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