overcoming fear to experience wisdom

To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom:

There was a conversation between Winston churchil and Nehru, Churchil asked Nehru “ Did you hate me? We exploited, tortured, killed some people, took away your freedom”, Nehru replied “No, we don’t have any ill feelings towards you or Britishers”, Then Churchil replied “ Hats off , you Indians have conquered hate and fear”. This conversation reveals the attitude of people who conquered fear. Indians under the guidance of Gandhiji conquered the fear so seeing the things differently. We hate the sin not the sinners. If we did not conquer the fear we detest britishers and develop hatred which will harm ourselves not the britishers. So conquering fear helps us to have right wisdom.

Wisdom in simple terms is knowledge, in complex terms good sense of judgment. People apply wisdom in day to day life to utilize the resources properly, to lead happy life, to make decisions, to resolve the conflicts. Gandhiji manytimes proclaimed his wisdom saved him from not committing blunders. Kiran Bedi says her wisdom drives her in taking any decisions. Importance of wisdom is phenomenal in human lives. But it depends on certain factors-Experience, rationality, free will, objectivity. Wisdom gained with these traits only rational, otherwise bad wisdom will keep our lives in jeopardy.

Fear is afraid of something. Here something can be anything. There is close relationship between fear and wisdom. If fear is there it is difficult to gain wisdom. If one gains wisdom with fear, that is detrimental to the society.

Fear kills rationality. It makes us to think self centric. Why some sportsmen take drugs to win sports? Fear of failure, it kills the persons rationality and could not think of consequences. Great cyclist of all times indulged in doping activities was clear case of it. Fear makes us more self centric and we should win or gain. This does not allow us see things objectively. Right wisdom gains if we see the things from objective lens and others point of view, but fear deprives that innate quality of humans.

Wisdom also means realizing one’s own potential. It is possible if one realize that potential. Fear suppresses that potential. It makes us inferior. If one keep on thinking oneself at low, it is very difficult to realize one’s potential. Abraham Lincoln has said overcoming the outer threats is not so difficult but inside threats like overcoming anxiety, fear, anger, desires is more diificult. This statement exactly reflects how conquering of fear is required to gain wisdom.

Fear of insecurity drives humans towards materialistic tendencies. People chose wrong paths to earn money to quench thrust of generations. Their fear suppresses the basic fact we cant take anything with our death, if that is the truth why people are forgetting simple idea” our ideas can create money but cant revive a diseased person”. Instead of experiencing the life of every tiny moment, people crave towards money, power, fame and authority. All this is out of fear. The fear conquered Gandhiji canceled his insurance policy as he believes if god creates every living beings, he knows how to take care of them. This kind of wisdom can be shown only by fear conquering people.

Most of the people in the society are reactionary in nature. Their actions are counter to some other actions. They think if we don’t attack , other people may attack or other people may kill us. We often see naxalites and police, insurgents and security forces, terrorists and military involve attack and counter attacks. This attacks and counter attacks are out of fear. Our life should be based on our choices not out of coercions or compulsions. Only fear conquered people live with free will with out carrying any baggage of revenge, anger. Gandhiji lived all his life based on his choice, even his movements also. This is possible only if we have attitude of forgiveness. That is possible only if we overcome fear of life.

Wisdom means knowledge. This knowledge can be spread only with freedom of speeceh and expression. In ancient days, Copernicus found out universe is not earth centric but sun centric, for that, the punishment was death sentence. Later Galilieo also found out the same, but by fearing death he did not publish his observations, only later, he could come out openly. This example again proves conquering of fear is required to express openly, to achieve new scientific breakthroughs. Everytime status quo can be broken only with new agruments and innovative ideas. If people are fear of state or religion or community, no society can be progressive. In India also, some fringe elements are creating fear with their whimsical activities like attacking minorities, lynching activities , killing of rationalists. These activities create,fear suppress the out of the box ideas so killing wisdom of intelltecuals.

There are many reasons to fear of human beings. Loneliness is one of major reasons. Not talking with other people, not sharing their ideas and thoughts make them inferior and inward looking. Parents unaltruistic, stern attitude also creates fear among children, same attitude reflect whey they face society. In schools teachers disciplinarian attitude makes students fear and not come out open to express their originality. Fear of Mockery by peers for out of box, or crazy ideas, intolerance attitude by neighbours and society also reasons for fear. Fear of women is more when compared with men due to patriarchial society. Fear of police and state makes the individual not to realize his true wisdom. No need to specifiy what need to be done as reasons explain the solutions—allowing freedom of individual at every stage by different stakeholders, family, teachers, state.

To conclude, Many people see wisdom from narrow outlook, but wisdom has broad applications. If every individual is allowed to apply his wisdom to fullest potential half of the country’s problems will be solved. Socrates has preferred to death when he was not allowed to apply his wisdom on the society. That tells us the wisdom importance. Every human being wants to experience the life and wants to live happy life, with out wisdom it is very difficult. To get right wisdom conquer of fear is equally important. Only with overcoming fear human can think and act like human. Beacause of this Tagore has said, “ oh god please take me to the world where knowledge is free from fear and bias”.

When the relationship between fear and wisdom is clearly established, and it is clear beginning of wisdom happens only with conquering of fear, it is the duty of every stakeholder to make society free from fear. This is not out of progreesive society but out of own self interest as growing wisdom is directly proportional to their growth. There may be some bad consequences out of conquering fear like indiscipline, not respecting elders, law and order violations, or taking the life for granted but when the advantaged outweigh its disadvantages conquering fear for the sake of right wisdom is worth needy. Every individual must contribute their bit to remove fear among other individuals, This mutual cooperative act help to overcome fear and everybody starts experiencing the true wisdom and apply to take the society forward and progressive.



“Life is aspiration it should not be lowered due to our weaknesses or imperfections.”

“People know about the greatness of Taj Mahal and its marvelous features, but how many of you know it’s a symbol of tolerance. It was built by Sunni King for his Shia wife Mumtaz”

“Extreme forces always try to erase our greatness, they had attacked Mumbai on 26/11, at present if anyone says 26/11, we recall mostly horrific incident, but we must be cautious, we should tell and talk only about our constitution day”

Disclaimer— I am a male from Andhra Pradesh with engineering degree, history optional. Basically a feminist who admires Gandhiji a lot (belongs to general category). Raj is an imaginary character. Except Author’s final words wherever ‘I’ is  there, It means Raj, an imaginary character.

All ideas that I am going to touch are copied or borrowed from one or other source. I don’t claim originality of any ideas or content. Depends on my comfort I may mention their names sometimes, other times may not. All ideas are purely based on my understanding when I was reading them so either you no need to accept or worry about them. Many a times my understanding may be wrong or I may generalize things based on little information I have. This is just an attempt to initiate a dialogue on many important issues that were neglected or not recognized at all. When I question something or somebody it does not mean  I follow everything or I am a perfect person so that I am questioning everyone it just mean I am just highlighting the issue which we all are not bothering(including me). I am not above myself.





India’s present GDP growth rate is around 7.4%. There are some doubts about GDP whether it can be used to measure country’s growth, but at present it is the one parameter available to us easily to know the country’s growth. And at the same time if we want to invest in social sector we need a sharp rise in GDP. Any philosophy like communism, socialism, capitalism possible only if we have money and resources, if there are no resources, where is concept of redistribution. Growth in economy is not possible only through reforms in economic policies. At the same time only economic growth is not sufficient for the overall development of the country. So transformation should take place at every field.  From politics to family, from economy to society and individual, from the way we say things to the way we perceive the things. From love to friendship, from sex to marriage and dowry, everything should be seen from the wide perspective, if any person fails to perceive them in right way that person’s potential could not be utilized to full extent.


By keeping this view in mind, this book touches every aspect of life. To transform anything in the society political transformation is necessary.  First few chapters dealt with political aspects. Then onwards there is no proper order, but dealt different issues ranging from security, reservation, education, corruption, best practices of world to emulate, India’s potential which is untapped, relevance of history and Gandhiji to contemporary society and various other issues. There is no relation between one and other chapter, each chapter contains idea or ideas, we suppose to read independently, then some interesting stories and comments were written, at last some interesting questions added to refresh your mind.

When there is a chess game between Carlson and Anand. Anand loses the game then Raj comments that if I play i could win the game. Here not to judge his overconfidence but it is genuine comment after watching the game with his limited knowledge. Likewise all these ideas and solutions are also with my limited knowledge. If anyone simply say we can easily bring reforms only bureaucratic attitude stopping it not only reveals his narrow thinking but also humiliation of many honest officers who scarified their lives for improving governance. It is easy to write or suggest anything from outside, only who are working inside the system can really judge  the practicality of reforms, it is foolish to think that bureaucrats don’t know about latest developments and changing attitudes but there may be strong constraints in implementing them, so we must consider their grievances also.



A handsome looking guy goes to a girl and asks” I want to have sex with you immediately” that girl slaps him; he goes to another girl and asks the same thing. She accepts. Both get married. The second girl with optimistic attitude has seen positive in dirt, so she understands, even after marriage they have to have sex immediately.   When you see with negative attitude India is full of corruption, no values are there, and people are selfish. This kind of approach does not solve any problem. There are many problems in India, but with only highlighting all problems and cursing everyone only increases our frustration. What we need is optimistic attitude. This will help in not only identifying the problem but also forces you to find solution to the problem.  Everyone agree with me the more problems we have, the more potential comes out from us. I surprise many times when I see people fear about exams particularly intelligent people, they simply don’t understand the philosophy behind the exam, and Examination is a great opportunity to experiment with our gained knowledge through one year rigorous hard work. Just imagine a scenario where no exam is there, Would there be any difference between intelligent and non-intelligent people? Likewise India also intelligent country, how many difficulties it face that many opportunities it will get to improve its strength. Let India not avoid difficulties, but face it. We must recall one fact Federer would not like to win grand slam in the absence of dJokovic or when dJokovic gets hurt but by defeating dJokovic. That gives different kick altogether, same thing is applicable to India.

Why Gandhiji joined politics??
A person asked Gandhiji, you were so religious person, sensitive and honest , why did you join congress? Gandhiji replied, As a human being I want to cherish every minute thing how can I leave such a big thing that effects almost everybody in the country. This is the reason why he participated (directly or indirectly) in world wars and other wars in South Africa. This brings out the very burning issue of present day. There were so many comments we hear one or other time “I am not interested in politics” Either people say out of ignorance or they want to convey that politics is something that lives in different world.
When a politician goes to field to help farmer, Farmer replies, I know why you are doing. Then politician asks why your brother not helping you , then he replies because he does not want to contest elections. Politician says so your brother does not want to help you so he is not contesting in elections, i want to help you so i am contesting in elections, so who is doing well?

When Raj says I want to enter into politics, his friends question why are u trying to enter into dirt. What they have not realized they are already living in the dirt. There is a wrong perception that politicians meet people only during elections, but to make politicians meet people elections are introduced.  When somebody does anything wrong then people comment he is doing politics. For all wrong things we tempt to use the word politics. Politics is a great word what we are witnessing in parliament is nonsense not politics; better not use this word for wrong purposes.  When your is age is 21 you are eligible to vote, every one recognize that what is not recognizing is when you get 25 years old you are eligible to become a MLA or MP. When you complete your degree we are thinking of doing jobs like engineering, medicine, why not the same approach not coming when you get 25 years in the politics. What India need is every person who completes 25 years of old should celebrate it as a great day and should make some attempts in that direction. It may not be possible for everyone but what we require is at least feel that moment and encourage others who is ready to do that.  AAp success is just a sample to tell us what kind of miracles happen  if middle class educated people participate in elections. Imagine if same thing reflects in all parts of India, we will get most deserved candidates to rule us.


Why Winston Churchill loses in elections


In the Second World War when things seemed to be more favorable to Germany in 1940, Winston Churchill came to power, with his great leadership skills played a major role in winning world war. Then came 1945 elections he lost the elections and Atlee came. Here there is no need to analyze why he had lost, what we need to know people had not given importance to only war,they have taken many other things into consideration.

What is the voting pattern of India since independence?  First three elections were mostly during the honeymoon period of independence. With Nehru at the Centre point people throng to election booths to cast vote for his party. Indira Gandhi came to power with the slogan “Garibi Hatovo” in 1971. Bangladesh war increased her prestige manifolds. After this war in many state elections congress had won with good majority. With emergency people shifted to Janata party which has no proper development agenda except to defeat congress. When people come to know that except congress no other party could provide stability they again voted to Indira Gandhi. When Indira Gandhi died people entered to election booths massively to vote novice Rajiv Gandhi. This election voting percentage was more than any other elections except recent 2014 elections and  the majority Rajiv Gandhi secured was not possible to even Nehru and Indira Gandhi during her life time. Bofors and reservation issues dethroned Rajiv Gandhi and started era of vpsingh. Coalition politics could not sustain for long time. Later on…………… In the whole process what we need to realize is our voting pattern decided by few non-issues or some sensational issues. How people vote for a party due to win in the war. Suppose due to mistake of major general if we lose the war, is it correct to punish Prime minister for his mistake? Then comes the question why it is happening?
Most immediate answer is common people or masses don’t vote for a good party.  When Raj asked, people call Abdul Kalam as people’s president, and a good man, do you think will he win elections if he contest for prime minister post? The answer is no, then he asked another question if it is a direct contest between Abdul Kalam and Modi, who will win elections? the answer is Modi. Then Raj puzzled and asked further, in any system most deserved candidate should occupy any  post – engineering, medicine -why it is not happening in politics? answer is politics is different and more over modi leadership qualities are more good, then question continued, it means Abdul kalam don’t govern better than modi, then his answer is no, as Kalam is people oriented person he will do more for people by keeping political interests aside. The problem lies in we always treat politics as a different thing which is beyond morals and good men.
Good people don’t enter into politics by afraid of criticism, what they need to understand one should  deserve to be criticized, no one will criticize who does not do any thing?  There are many critics to Gandhiji because  he has touched upon and written every aspect of life? He has involved in every major. incident of world, obviously people who are not having same opinion will criticize him, but he only deserves it. If somebody wants to praise or criticize you first you need to to an action.
When Raj asked why, you educated people, are not educating your parents about voting? He replied these common people will not understand even if i try to, as he considers himself as “uncommon” . When Raj was working as a software engineer his father asked him what work would you do in software then raj replies you can’t understand. After many requests one day he said in this way, when you go to ATM and withdraw money how the bank people will know about this, we will do this work. Raj father was so happy and at other time he was explaining the same thing to his neighbor, that time Raj realized one great thing, respecting your parents does not mean only sending money but help them to get rid of ignorance, till some point of time he always consider their parents are illiterate they cant understand even he explains, now he realized when he said in a simple manner he not only understands but also propagates it.  This is the exact mentality of ours in case of elections also. Educated people always consider uneducated people can’t understand anything, so they don’t try. Some people may say we tried but there is no change.  Then Raj put this question to what level? Is it the same level that  when they try to marry their lovers,  in that case one will go the extreme level like suicide threatening’s.  In a democracy every activity in direct or indirect manner is related to votes. So every person should influence this system in a most effective manner.  A person who can’t influence other people should influence it by casting their vote, a teacher by influencing students, a software engineer by putting leave for a week before elections , should campaign for his chosen party, an IAS officer by conducting proper elections, who not?   everyone in their own sphere of area. Just imagine a situation all educated people of a particular village by putting leave for one week and campaigning for a chosen party, how beautiful and great it is to imagine!
Influencing means what, does it mean you will force others to vote for a particular party, no, it means first we need to read the manifestos of all parties and analyze the pros and cons and analyze the nature of local party candidate, what is his intention, then explain the same thing in a forced manner or convincing manner without any self-interest.  Off course there is another problem in India. Most of educated people still adhere to caste or religion politics, at least they are better than some people who shows indifference to politics. Particularly software people who spend so much time at Facebook and does not know even when is elections. Some frustrated people say what is there in politics except corruption, nobody denies that, if all candidates are corrupted choose the least corrupted one and then campaign for him/her.
We always forget one thing when we comment on mass people. Who went along with Gandhi during freedom movement? who voted for Nehru in three successive elections by defeating communal forces? How they could achieve ? The simple answer is selflessness.  When anybody say anything the immediate thing comes to others mind is why he is saying when they come to conclusion that he is not saying out of self interest people will surely follow him, history has proved that also.

In Raj’s opinion NOTA is a worst concept. It means no good candidate is contesting the elections, it is a shame on all educated people, and at the same time in the disguise of NOTA people will not cast their votes.

Double Vote

When prime minister asked who are you , he says i am a sp , which means sarpanch pati. In another instance a general category constituency suddenly allocated to sc category. Either he dint protest or he shifted his base to contest from some other constituency. What he did he simply put a dummy sc candidate and ruled the constituency in the same manner how he does during his rule. Where is the root cause of these problems? There are some traditional problems like patriarchy, lack of education or caste hierarchy. Ambedkar had proposed a good solution to address these issues, double vote system. Under this all parties should conduct elections among the community first then chose the candidates, a  kind of separate electorates before actual elections. People may question immediately doesn’t it create dummy candidates, there are chances but it gives chance for genuine people to participate in elections, in empowerment of dalits and women.


How can we strengthen our Security


Why terrorists not attacking Sachin? This  question may look unnecessary to many. When Raj thinks about it he understood the root cause of growing influence of extreme armed forces. Legitimacy is one thing that we need to break to improve security. Most of the extremist groups enjoy legitimacy among people. To increase legitimacy North-east insurgent groups attack on Hindi workers and through this conveying that they are working for the people. Same thing is applicable to all other forms. Terrorists after attacking any place gives explanation that it is a revenge for some attack on minorities. Naxalites kill corrupt contractors and officials to increase their legitimacy among people.  Recent Hasimpura acquittal, AFPSA, and attacks on minorities are also providing opportunities to increase their legitimacy among people. We need to prove that their interests are different by highlighting the attacks and their nature. WE need to prepare counter ideology that breaks legitimacy of people. When there is no legitimacy it is hardly matter of 1 day task to wipe out all insurgents. There are many a times people protested and stopped military operations, in such cases also we performed well, imagine if people support in operations.


Some scholars attribute terrorism to poverty and economic condition. Recent examples proved that only poverty cant cause terrorism. Many affluent personalities joined IS. Some others are trying say Quran is not supporting Jihad. It is foolish to teach grandfather how to cough. Whoever joins IS knows and reads Quran more than any scholar does. There is no doubt they believe in ideology and joining IS to protect that ideology. What we need is we should understand for what cause in the Quran these people are attracting, first we should find out that point or sentence or paragraph or factors, then scholars should work on it and prepare counter-ideology from religious perspective . It is the best way to tackle terrorism and its influence on people apart from stopping finance, forming U.N intelligence network, granting sanctions on countries who support terrorist organizations.


India vs Afganistan cricket match

India won cricket match against Afghanistan. There was no enthusiasm among crowd.  When Raj asked a person he replies when India wins against Australia it means two equally developed countries in terms of cricket infrastructure, but in case of Afg it is not the case how can u enjoy competition between two unequal powers. Wow what a spirit!
Do people behave same way in all situations? The same person continuously posting comments against the reservation system in the Facebook.  Why he unable to apply the same logic in reservation as sc/st are not as competitive as general candidates, is it due to involvement of his personal interest here or he is unable to see the picture in holistic manner or due to his ignorance?
When Raj asked a person do you have reservation, basically he belongs to st category but he says he belong to obc category at other instance other person replies he belong to obc category but basically belongs to SC category. By knowing the truth Raj has questioned them, both replied the same answer, people will not give recognition to their work, consider as reserved candidates. In the process what they have not realized is they are degrading all other people who use reservation. This kind of attitude basically comes from the attitude who sees reservation is a favor, but actually reservation is a compensation for failure of duty.
let take the case of ex-gratia. People think that ex-gratia is a favor as they lost their family members in the accident. But actually ex-gratia is a compensation for the failure of govt. in preventing the accident.  Reservation system is also same thing which brought in to balance the historical unjust acts and activities. It’s not anybody’s favor but their right, this perspective should prevail.
There is a notification for jobs, when Raj asks how many vacancies are there, he says only no of jobs reserved for their community, this is another problem which is diluting whole concept of reservation and reducing the abilities of reserved candidates who prepare less and also effects their growth in future. They should rectify this mistake.
What is the problem in present day reservation system? There are many obc and sc candidates are getting posts in general category.  yes, surely it is a problem, The reasons for the problem are there is no effective cremylayer implementation in obc category and there is no cremylayer at all in sc/st category.  Everybody knew that no cremylayer in scs affecting the interests of lower class scs, why they were not protests , the reasons are as affected people are lower class mostly, their is no voice for political rights mostly on economic issues, as sc/st candidates are dummy candidates they will not represent  community in genuine way. As upper class sc/st gets benefits at the cost of both general and reserved categories they will not allow anything that disturbs status quo. In obc category cremylayer is applicable to the candidates only who work in govt. jobs or any renowned job in all other cases obcs are able to get certificates very easily.
People always consider reservation has made many damages to country by making unproductive candidates. there is some truth in the statement  but we should see from the perspective of opportunity cost. As the society is so much un equal and exploitative in nature there are more chances of revolt against the society by most oppressive section. At pre independence period the most oppressive section was dalits. Ambedker has recognized the problem and fought for it. We all are indebted to Ambedkar for this, otherwise reservation system may not be there. Without reservation surely there are chances of improving the quality but there would be so many social disorders in the society it is more dangerous and costs more than what costs through reservation.
Some people have given solution like abolition of caste based reservation and introduce economy based reservation. Its look like tempting option  it will make great loss to low class sc/ obc candidates though it benefits low class general candidates. It may create more disorder and tension and with few satisfied low class general candidates. So the solution lies in making reservation linked to govt schools both in sc/obc. Its look like not practical and vague but in close understanding those who attend govt schools are may not be poor but poor people definitely attend govt. schools. It will also bring transparency first though having loop holes in some other areas.

George Washington and Indian movements

We often hear about George Washington’s great military valor in war against British. There is another good quality that needs attention. After serving two terms as a President, he voluntarily retired from politics and not in a race for President post, many people pressurized him to contest but he refused. we can take same case with the Nelson Mandela he had served as a president only for one time. Why it is important for Indian scenario. In a democracy, everything revolves around elections, even though he is a great leader when he continuously occupying the position the opposition or some vested interests will take extreme methods to capture the power. It is not correct to say there are wrong because many people have depended on their party, there would be lot of pressure on leaders to do something to capture power. When something is wrong they may capture by highlighting the issue, but when everything is going well they may come with extremely unquenchable demands and movements to catch the attention of people to say everything is not good in this govt. This is not related to only politics, should be extended to every field present in the society. For Raj many recent movements and agitations are clear manifestation of this scenario.

Does it need to know why world wars happened??

Raj had asked an interesting question why should we study about the past as already happened, all the factual information and what they did and so on. There were similar comments by many people with narrow interpretation of history. We need to highlight the importance of reading history in present context. History is studying of the past with respect the present to understand the future. In day to day life we need to make many decisions and need to judge people in right way. By not having these skills many times we lose many things -time, money, friends, people and other important things. History helps us in this aspect. There are many things we can understand through history like reservation, Isreal-Palestine conflict.                                                                                    Without Historical knowledge our understanding of many issues would be very narrow and improper.  There are many times our morale go down for small things. When you read history u will really understand what kind of crisis India faced- take the case of British rule, before India’s trade was 25%of world trade after it became 2%- Like wise many incidents happened where Indian rulers had to touch the feet of Afghan rulers. Now the situation has changed, wherever Indian Prime minister goes, their prime ministers are dedicating their complete day to our PM. Like India everybody has resilient power it will understand with History in better way.

The value of anything can be understood only if we put effort in getting that. People often comment about agriculture, culture without realizing their importance how many years it took to take present shape, how many people had contributed to reach present state. Not only are that people not cherishing the value of independence, particularly leaders. The first generation leaders after independence have maintained utmost integrity as they knew how difficulties people face under corrupt govts. Present generation may not get the chance to participate in independence movement at least by reading it properly we can learn how to respect the values of movement and once if anybody cherishes the greatness of it , it would be very difficult to take bribe or to take corrupted path to earn money. Modern India has not produced great leaders except few people, so to learn values again we have to look into pre independent leaders. This is most unfortunate thing but bitter truth.

History gives more importance to unbiased ness. To reduce the biased ness historians will write about history that happened before 50 years, if they write contemporary history they believe their own beliefs affect their writings. Present day society needs to learn many lessons. Most of the people are unable to get rid of their biasedness. if u ask a hero, who is your favorite, he says without any hesitation , his son. not only that in many issues our judgments are mostly influenced by our emotions.  We often read in history books Swaraj party established by mothilal Nehru and C.R.Das. Some people may  get doubt why Jawaharlal Nehru had not joined his father’s party? Here we need to learn from history how motilal Nehru had not imposed his views on his son. Even in his Autobiography, J. Nehru wrote that “ there are many times C.R. Das insisted me to join Swaraj, but my father never asked me directly or indirectly”.

Historians give scientific analysis of every aspect will not accept anything unless there is a solid proof . Historians always cross check many things to make sure data is correct. This has a relevant importance in policy framing. Always govt. depends on the data which is more favorable about govt. polices the need of the hour is to cross check data with any other report  then it will give proper info and reduce errors in policy framing.

Till medieval period India advanced in science and technology and also occupies 25% of worlds trade. Then stagnation started, India went under the control of British due to their latest technology.  It tells us two things the importance of science and technology and continuous update of knowledge and need to adopt new changes in the society. This brings our attention to our investment in research and development and Israel, which spends 3%of its GDP. Another issue how teacher and civil servants stop learning and reluctant to update with times and technology.  Everybody should not stop learning till death, a famous philosopher has said, with death i have learnt how to die.

Even now best motivational factor is historical knowledge, persons and places. Two speakers give speeches in Allahabad. First speaker speaks about Allahabad in current perspective and its greatness in contributing to national economy. Other speaker starts like , i am proud to be part of this meeting which is taking place- produced great leaders of independence and where our independent strategies discussed among leaders(Anand Bhavan) . You can differentiate the people’s response.

Now politics are changing and politicians are trying to own independence leaders this needs the study of their original ideologies and can compare how they are different from the ideology of current political parties. There are many reinterpretations of ancient history to increase the Hindutva and trying to destroy our secular fabric, in such contexts study of history is very important to counter them through scientific study. Many communal forces are trying to write fabricated history by telling ancient Indians know plastic surgery and aero science and other technologies, is such context it will play with people’s mind and create unnecessary tensions.

Everyone feel at one moment that this incident happened in their life , like wise whatever problems we face today should have faced by earlier generations so instead of making mistakes we should learn from history by careful analysis and can avoid many disasters.

Present society gives most value to leaders than institutions. Degradation of many institutes is a regular feature of any govt. Through the history many examples throw light on importance of values. The spread and decline Buddhism could be explained through institution (samgas) strengthens and institution weakening at later period by accepting money, land as gifts. Most sustained empires of ancient and medieval India are institution based empires like Mughals.

There are many civil servants failed to serve and win over people. This is due to sankritization of civil services, after getting service civil servants are behaving like they have come from heaven. How they can win unknown people could be learn through Sufi saints who had won over Indian people by adopting and changing to local conditions. They promoted equality, regional language, no coercion on conversions and adopted local practices like yogic practices and sama, so they could influence Indian society in decisive way.

In south Korea people will not make mistakes as they fear of historical consciousness, as they believe history should not judge them negatively, So historical consciousness may create fear among leaders.

The major problem of present day society communal riots solved only through historical knowledge. How? People know about Bhagat singh, how many people know about ashrafatullah khan who also sacrificed his life, his final words before death, ” Hindu community had fortunate by getting opportunity for life sacrifice like kudiram bose, praful chaki, but Muslim community still dint get the opportunity, i am fortunate enough to get this opportunity, Jai gita, jai bible, jai quran, Jai india” . Somehow when writing Muslim history most of the historians concentrated more on Muslim leadership and partition, but there was no revolutionary movement without Muslim participation, almost in all movements Muslims had participated, but their contribution was not recognized. So in most of the Hindus perspective Muslims are traitors and not gave support to independence cause.

There is a need to rewrite the history textbooks by including their contribution, so that it will change the mindset of people in India. It will also help in enhancing the prestige and self-respect of Muslims, so with new found confidence they will work for India’s development.

Renaissance vs. Enlightenment
Europe had undergone huge transformation in the medieval period with renaissance and enlightenment. In the 14,15th centuries Europe had witnessed renaissance and in the 17,18th century period Enlightenment happened. Renaissance is all about revisiting the Greek and Latin literature to question the existing feudalism and adopt good things from the Greek and Latin literature. It helps many ways in transforming the society and new ideas came into the society- art, literature and science had also reshaped and transformed. But drawback is, it is somewhat regressive in nature because they are questioning the existing thing based on earlier society what if earlier literature is so orthodox. To question this attitude Enlightenment came into picture this is all about questioning everything based on reason and logic. Humanism has given utmost importance. Science has given utmost priority. People started questioning their day to day activities.
When Renede Descartes says -starts questioning everything from small things ,don’t believe anything unless it satisfies your reason and logic. Gradually many other philosophers had also questioned everything in the society . Role of enlightenment in French revolution though indirect but it precipitated the revolution. New political, social, economic, religious, scientific ideas came into society and transformed the whole framework of European society. Later on it helped Europe to become a major power and commanded the total world. Why it is important to Indian society?
In the 18th century Indian society crippled with many problems -sati, child marriage, ban on widow remarriages, and other superstitious practices. When the society is illiterate and backward Indian social thinkers had taken refuge in Vedas and dhramsatstras.  When every activity of society is linked with religion these thinkers tried to take references from Vedas. At the same time British rulers were not willing to bring any reforms which hurt the orthodox society, to convince them these thinkers had shown the sanctions of Manu and Vedas to bring regulations. These things had helped in bringing reforms like sati regulation and passage of  age of consent act and widow remarriage regulation. There was even backward thinking in these reform movements, but as the society was not educated and religious oriented that was the best approach to bring reforms.
The problem is we are trying to use same methods in the present the day society. People always quote Vedas or Manu to tell that during Vedic period women had decision making power or in ancient India women were enjoying honorable position.  In that process they were trying to distort the history, in close look it was not at all happened in the ancient India. What they need to tell or we need to understand are people acting as per circumstances and existing beliefs and their awareness. Take the case of sati, During earlier period many wars take place so many male beings could die, so there is so much gender imbalance and women had to face many hardships physically, socially, economically, at the same time idea is they believe soul occupies the both women and men is same so to reach the soul they commit suicide. Take the case of caste system, some communities who feel they are different have created concepts- exogamy and endogamy. Through exogamy -which means same gotra marriages should not happen- they want to spread their community across the regions without losing their characteristics. Through endogamy-which means marriage happens within the community- they want to protect uniqueness of the community (jati).  Take the case of child marriage. The idea behind the child marriage was,  girl should not be corrupted even her thoughts. which means if girl gets puberty she may fell attract with boys, in her thoughts she may fell in love, so to prevent it even before puberty she gets married so that before she gets any feelings or lust, elders are telling the girl whom should the girl love, so that she does not get polluted even her thoughts, sex should not happen till she attains puberty. When you see the idea behind child marriage it looks wonderful according to circumstances but does the same is applicable to present day society?
So what we need to understand is People acted as per circumstances, beliefs and awareness.  Now the circumstances are different, with science people’s knowledge has increased manifold, value system has changed we need to explain these things through reason, logic and science. We already had renaissance what we need is Enlightenment. People should start question everything from the scratch. When somebody says we need to to yagam to bring good into society people should question it on rational basis rather whether that yagam has done in Vedic society or not??

Gandhiji VS Ambedkar

There were many conflicts between Gandhiji and Ambedkar during their life times, and later on among scholars and historians. One point we need to consider their brought ups are different so for Gandhiji purity is a big issue, for Ambedkar reason and equality are big issues. Gandhi’s approach comes from his religious conviction and dharmasastras. Ambedkar approach comes from separate identity as Hindus don’t recognize them. Gandhiji suggested inter dining to improve the status of Dalits but Ambedkar suggested inter caste marriage. Ambedkar gave more importance to political rights besides economic, social rights, Gandhi’s emphasis is more on economic rights. Gandhiji supported Varna order , Ambedkar burnt the manusmriti.  Gandhiji supported reservation for Dalits in Hindu order , Ambedker supported separate electorate  outside Hindu fold even converted into Buddhism.
There is no doubt that thought means are different ends are same. But one important aspect that has current relevance need to be touched upon. In this aspect Ambedkar is more relevant than Gandhiji. Ambedkar don’t accept Gandhiji leadership because there should be empowerment of Dalit people that is possible and should come from Dalit people. Gandhiji’s approach is like help of non-dalits for upliftment of dalits. Now exactly same thing is happening mostly Dalit politicians has become puppets of non-Dalit people. Here Dalits should understand what Ambedkar wants and how they are going now, it needs a retrospection from all Dalit leaders.( off course there are some exceptions). Through Ambedkar many people are trying to claim Dalit identity. Recently RSS has claiming dalits are always part and parcel of Hinduism, and celebrating Ambedkar birthday. Muslim leaders like Assudin Owaisi also started claiming that Muslims and dalits belong to same class. Christians are fighting for the reservation for Dalit converts and RSS is seriously opposing it. There are some Dalit leaders who are starting new political parties by the solo aim of capturing political power. All these issues are revolving around three issues mainly reservation, politics and religion. The major problem in the Dalit community is there is no proper civil society groups who explain the nexus between Dalit leaders and non-Dalit leaders -which results in exploitation of lower classes of dalits. so movement from lower section can only solve all their problems.

Einstein formula E=mc2

U.S had dropped two atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Lakhs of people died, huge devastation hunted many generations, all over the world sympathies poured in, the happiest person was U.S atomic energy commission chairman. he commented ” Everybody is seeing the devastation it caused I could see the benefits it can give to future generations in the form of nuclear energy creation, that will help in reduce energy crisis and poverty in the long run”. Our education teaches us E=mc2 This can be used to create atom bomb and by controlling the neutrons we can generate nuclear energy, but the source is same formula. Everything depend on people , they can either construct or destruct.

Delhi Rickshahwala

If anyone lives in Delhi he can recognize the problem of Delhi rickshahwala, so many people flooded , low demand and more supply. Not only in rick shah, but also in many other fields like hotels, book shops, and in other areas -cities, metros, towns, semi towns- due to which many people facing severe problems. People themselves are creating problems. If the business is good they will ask their relatives to come and join so that they can earn minimum guaranteed amount. Some people are facing problems due to money lenders who charge high interest rates. To address both the issues govt should start an institution which will conduct surveys and provide loans to these people. For conducting surveys we should use MBA students as a part of their project. This gives an opportunity to study the real time market also. There is a institute called Telecom consultancy services Limited which does somewhat similar function in telecom sector.

Vipasana meditation and VKC

Raj is a vipasana practitioner. When he observes the functioning of vipasana it is solely run by previous batch vipasana practitioner. It gives free accommodation, food, and other facilities. After all meditation  is a luxury still they can run the institution without hurdles. Why can’t we replicate the same thing in employment by getting funds from people who gets employment? How? Village knowledge center. This should be run by all employees of that village till some other people get job. VKC is not about only employment training but also many other features like library, science education, seminars, literary classes to old people, create awareness about govt. policies and programs. In agriculture we have something called krishi vignyana Kendra; we should have VKC in every village for community gathering and for other purposes. This also helps in mobilizing people for a cause and forms right public opinion about political parties which helps in wiping out the corruption.

Social innovation

Mid-day meals scheme, Super30 are social innovations. Unfortunately not many to our kitty.  For science innovations we need education, lab, other infrastructure and govt investment. Why social innovation is not taking place? First parents not risk taking approach. Teachers mostly focus on syllabus not at all raising interest in students. Even students are also not going out of comfort zone, not thinking out of the box ideas. Peer hood not encouraging new ideas. We need to create a new kind of atmosphere where people are ready to accept new social ideas. Village knowledge Centre will have large potential to become social innovation.

Tamil Brahmin and Kashmir Pundit

Communal ideology makes people believe that two different community interests are different. Their interests could not co-exist. It does not seems hold any waters. A Tamil Brahmin has more resemblance with Tamil Muslim rather Kashmir Pundit. A  Andhra Muslim has similar features with Andhra Hindu rather Kashmir Muslim. It means communal riots not happening on the basis of religion or caste. Then where is the issue.

India before British arrival, had not witnessed communal riots in principle  though some quarrels were there. It means communal riots has close links with politics. It needs a  very detailed discussion, as people knew about them here we will discuss only some issues. The major reason for communal riots is appeasement policy of govt. History proves that majority appeasement is fascism( Britain appeasement policy of Germany) and minority appeasement is partition( British appeasement of Muslim league) . This is also legacy of freedom movement. The issues that freedom movement not addressed are still haunting us. Democracy, Zamindari abolition, labor rights were addressed during freedom movement so there was no problem with them. The issues not addressed like abolition of caste, secularism, and communalism are still haunting us in one or other way. Congress has failed to understand the communal ideology and gave many Hindu slogans. Besides Hindu extreme forces, British separate elections and other appeasement policies precipitated communal tensions.

Why after independence?  There are some intuitions which provide scope to develop community life before Independence. After Independence there were no such institutions so people shifted to religious institutions. Issues like poverty and unemployment not addressed, so people misunderstood them with religious conflicts, they think that due to other religions they are not getting jobs so this prejudice plays a key role in breaking out the riots.

If we assume that politicians want communal riots in the way that is happening now is not correct assessment. Let take the case: In a particular state a political party is not in power. Majority belongs to K religion. They are not casting votes for K based party. So politicians belong to K party incites people by showing videos, speeches and through all possible means. Sometimes they ask people to attack on other religions, but in most cases they will not ask , but they will create communal atmosphere and tension and hatred. When people hate each other on communal basis even a small local incident will break into riots, so we can’t blame politicians completely. And they want this communal ideology sustain till getting votes, but people think that this govt. will support them even if they break laws that is a major problem because it is going out from the hands of leaders, they are not in a position to control people.

If we think that communal riots takes place where K party is representing. Meaning in a constituency if k party is representing there will be no communal riots, their main goal is to grab votes from their non-support group. When majority religion attacked by minority religion these k party supports majority group. After communal riots there is a fear among majority group, kind of insecurity develops among them. K party encash that fear to win elections.

Communalism should be addressed in two ways. Both ideologically and politically. Politically strict action against people who indulge in communal activities. This is not happening to the required level. Most important thing is counter attacks through ideology is largely missing. When Kalburgy was shot to death, why all politicians are not condemning the incident very severely, like the case of terrorist attack. When terror attack happens everybody condemns it very severely with unanimous voice why same thing is not happening in the case of more danger problem than terrorism.

Media and education role are very crucial in preventing communal riots. Media to create sensationalism show all incidents of communal riots, sometimes spread the rumors which caused major communal riots some years ago. Without diluting the fact Media can do selective reporting to assuage the communal atmosphere. If communal riots are taking place Media can report where Hindus save the life of Muslims, or Muslims save the lives of Hindus. Both happen simultaneously. We heard many stories during partition.

Education plays a major role in countering communal ideology. There were some attempts to communalize the education. Rewriting of textbooks by including the contribution of Muslims is urgent need. Values like acceptance, diversity, secularism should be part of curriculum. Students should have exposure about all religions and should imbibe essence of all religions. We need to create an opinion that all religions teach same thing with different tongue.



Gender inequality:  Some people consider gender inequality is sexual inequality. In Africa women do all works from agriculture to business , it proves that there is no sexual inequality but only gender inequality.

What kind of people we meet: We often meet 4 kind of people. Those who have more knowledge than you, become a good listener. Those who have equal knowledge with you, become a good arguer, those who have less knowledge than you, become a good teacher, those who does not know anything tries t make show off,  better ignore rather criticize.
How Obama become president of U.S

In Hindu newspaper, There was a picture. It consists of many photos. A senator, a doctor, an Indo-American an Afro-American, A Psychologist, A vice-president, and some other photos. All belongs to different categories. The uniting thing is Presidential aspirants. Here the question is not whether whoever announces their candidature becomes President, but is it possible in India. Can a doctor could even think of it?

Almost people decided that next president could be Hillary Clinton before 2008 elections, but Obama came into picture and spoiled her plans. How it was possible, due to inner party democracy. There were very hot and serious discussions and debates happened among candidates. The beauty is Obama took her in his cabinet ( equal lent U.s secretary of state) . This kind of political attitude is required among politicians but also among people.

While registering for political party they will give assurance that they will conduct inner party elections to election commission. After registered neither election commission bothers nor registered party bothers. Most unfortunately people are not bothering about the inner party elections without realizing its potential. There are many problems that can be solved through inner party elections. It will act in reducing the continuation of dynastic politics. It will give chance to people who are truly interested in service and politics. It will help in mobilization of people and create awareness about politics among people. It will help in reducing frustrations among the people which a major cause why people joining extreme groups. To tackle Naxalism political party penetration and inner party elections are major tools. Not only that we need to create a political environment, with basic skill and hard work and aptitude, anyone can aspire to become a Prime minister.
The bottlenecks are not only from political leaders who refuse to transfer power to common people but also funds and people’s readiness. To some extent Congress was conducting inner democracy elections, but again contestants are leaders son and daughters. Other problem is parallelization of supporters. this is happening due to biased thinking and lack of education. So again middle class unbiased educated people have to play their due role to make success the concept of inner democracy.

Social Capital

After 2nd world war , many countries were ruined completely,  Germany, Japan, and Korea. Japan and south korea  have transformed tremendously within short span. There were many reasons for that, one important reason was utilization of social capital.  What does it mean?  good relations among people should be used as investment to generate resources. In south Korea, people have built roads, schools, hospitals. After some time Govt. was forced to recognize  their work and helped them. In any country only 60% problems solve through its resources, remaining problems solve only through social capital.

India’s case is paradox in terms of social capital. At one hand India is a symbol of community life and sacrifice , but on the other hand India is not at all utilizing social capital. What are the reasons? 1) Unable to identify each other-  When Raj explaining the incident in his childhood life, Ram is just waiting to let Raj complete then Ram starting saying similar incident in his childhood,  then when Ram completes, Raj started saying another incident , then Ram talks similar incident in his life. Thought two people are talking for hours there is no connection, this is called ego-centric talk. When you want to connect with other people let him reveal his emotion, just connect with  the emotion and feel his emotion by imagining yourself in his shoes.  2) When Raj father asks will you look after me when I get old, Raj replies , i will look after you the way you look after your father. Instead of feeling happy  his father feels very sad started realizing his mistakes
3)  In India mostly mother side relations are very cordial and father side relations are always tense. No need to mention reasons. Apart from assets sharing, there are some other problems crop up , why? Take a case, A and B are brothers, A asks c( person in village) , how it is, if  I grow a crop(actually A does not have money to do that just  some time pass topic)  then c alerts it will take lot of water , your brother B may not accept, Then A says how can he does not accept it is my land. Then C goes to B says A is planning to plant a crop ( actually there is no plan, no money) then B gets angry and says , in that case i will grow some other crop which takes more water, Again C passes this to A. Gradually it will create tense situation, some minor incident may create fight among those people. May be C is not a reason for that fight directly. What c wants , to discuss these things they may go to wine shop, so he gets some pegs of drink from both sides. If we see the root there is no crop at all.  4) Take another case: Two sisters has some problems, when Raj asks both people , what is the problem? they both say, I have no problem with her , she has problem with me.  One day first person gets ill, Raj asks the second person, do you meet her? she replies , she does not ask my help at all , but she asks some other persons help, so how can i meet or help her? then Raj ask second person, If i ask help, she may criticize me in future like  I talk with her only I need some help, She should have helped voluntarily , she does not even enquire about my health. This kind of misinterpretation with inadequate knowledge leads to social conflicts which inhibit the utilization of social capital.

Why not community comes together? A famous scholars says, we always see the things as we are , not as they are. Take a case: A person is at beach and standing on the rock which is very close to sea, Raj and his friends goes to the beach at 8Pm. One of Raj friends comments he seems to commit suicide. Take another case, in a newspaper, it says a person donates huge amount to public welfare, Raj friend comments that he does this for publicity or he wants to enter into politics or to get tax exemptions. If we combine these two statements with above we can understand why misunderstandings happening all over the society. In both cases Raj friends don’t know who the other person is , how they behave, why one person stay at beach or other person donates the money the conclusion they have drawn are at the same time not random. Their conclusions are simply their behaviors if they were at that position. if he donates the money he will do for above mentioned purposes, if he is at beach  8pm he may commit suicide. So he just imposed his behavior on them. This is root cause of all misunderstandings of society; we need to assess the situation objectively by keeping our emotions and behavior separate.

Other two major constraints are lack of strong leader who is selfless and there is no institutional mechanism to encash social capital. Here leader means not only in community but also good bureaucrats who encourages citizens to come together for a common purpose, A good politician who works for a welfare of community, can have huge influence over large section of society that is also missing. During freedom movement Congress had acted as a institution for people to join, discuss, debate and its role was tremendous. But after independence congress has become a purely political party. So people don’t have proper institution. Though clubs, associations help to certain extent, but don’t serve the actual purpose. By predicting this Gandhi advised congress to become a social organization by leaving political duties. No takers for his idea. There was a mistake from Nehru side also. Instead of depending on congress for implementing the schemes he depended more on bureaucracy that also obstructed the building up of institutions. The solution for all these problems is building an institution in every village called village knowledge center. This concept is widely discussed in some other chapter.

Ideal law and policy

In 2013 Upsc has brought radical reforms in civil service examination. Many protests happened. In a placard a woman has written “we don’t want perfect exam, but suitable exam”. This sentence addresses many problems India faces. In medieval India, we use wooden plough and soil also tilled not too deep. Indian still use bullocks (westerns use horses) for ploughing. When Europeans came they expressed their surprise and criticized Indian backwardness in agriculture. What they have not realized was we are following methods that are suitable to our geography. Indian soil does not require deep ploughing, Indian climate does not breed wild horses.  When we adopted federal constitution many scholars mocked at our constitution, they consider it is not at all a federal constitution. Our constitutional makers had taken enough care to make to more suitable to Indian scenario, It had survived and now people tell due to Indian constitution India remain integrated.
Indian economy opened up in 1991. Now we can call India is market oriented economy, but the problem what kind of capitalism is required, India does not require western type capitalism, we need capitalism in which gvt invest in social sector and private sector play a major role in remaining sectors. Best example is NTPC, before allowing private sector NTPC performance was not up to the mark, after allowing private sector competition NTPC productivity has been increased manifolds.

While framing law or policy we always think in ideal way. There were 12 planning periods till now, how many had achieved its target, when not achieved the target, people cite one or other reason. Planning is nothing but we must consider all these unexpected situations then plan comes. The problem is we always tend to put impractical targets for satisfying people. At the end people give excuses for not achieving the target. Indian manufacturing policy, Maritime policy has huge targets but not at all achievable. When target itself not achievable with utmost efforts, people will not put much efforts , anyhow they have to find excuses. The target should be like if is not meeting every employee should feel tense and should double their efforts to meet target, simply how we will put all our effort to save our life when tsunami strikes, that kind of effort should put in to meet the target. This impractical policies also breeds corruption. Take a case: If any traffic violation fine is high so people bribe police instead of paying fine. Govt. announces crop damage compensation to those who have only below 1 hectare or so. How many farmers will really eligible for that scheme? so bribe breeds in. Not only in these sectors, almost in all sectors we are trying to create idle society without studying the local nature, this is seriously inhibiting India’s potential.

District primary servant(DPS)

First and foremost reforms in civil service should be change the nomenclature. Collectors, District Magistrate are not at all representing the current scenario and position of IAS. Collector should be renamed as district primary servant. Every time Ias should feel that he is not doing any favor but his duty is to serve people as he is getting salary from people’s money. When such attitude is there, few chances of showing arrogance. Now a days sanskritization of civil services happening , though he/she is a poor person whenever he gets power they are trying to adopt upper class characteristics like not meeting people, change in lifestyle, dress.  Some people may question what is there in symbolism; everything depends on civil servants character. It may not be correct. If it the case why PM visits Russia or U.S President needs to visit India as technology facilities everything through video conference, if any physical presence is required they can send secretaries which will reduce lot of expenditure.

Some people argue that DPS should be rational and objective. But it is not suitable in Indian scenario. If a poor person dies, If you apply rationality as he is unable to secure food so he dies, so rationally correct argument. What we need is biasness towards poor, empathy and compassion towards them. Unfortunately in India most civil servants are biased towards rich people. Why?  It is not like civil servants like rich people hate poor people. The reason is fear. Rich people can do harm to them in various ways, but poor people can’t do harm what we need is poor people also need to tell that if their interests are not taking into consideration they can also harm (not physical harm).




Praising opponents

When India lost cricket match against South Africa, spectators had thrown water bottles at Indian players. Actually India lost due to good playing of South Africa players. Why dint spectators dint throw bottles at South African players?  This is called sporting spirit. The problem is people are not applying the same thing in politics, and in daily life. Two politicians’ abuse or comment on each other, they have clarity on why they are speaking, but people don’t understand the circumstances and take them to heart. Due to this many political feuds happens in several parts of country. In daily life also, people are not ready to praise others who is more intelligent than them, or in exams people openly expressing their jealous on others. There is an urgent need to import sporting spirit into other fields.

What corporate companies teach us?

The problems in govt offices—if any employee is on leave, there is no alternative, we often hear “sir is on leave come on Monday”, Lower level employees don’t feel they are part of organization, employees are not at all updated with latest happenings, technology. There is no proper recognition for merit, no informal relations among employees. In these issues we need to learn from corporate companies. They conduct weekly sessions to update employee’s knowledge, to improve informal relations birthday celebrations, tours and parties encouraged. There is a clear mechanism for recognition of merit through special allowances. Even 7th pay commission recommended salaries based on merit. All these things help to increase employee association with organization.

There is a wrong perception about the corporates in public. People assume that corporate means MNCs, lobbying, big buildings, good salaries, and luxury lifestyle. The real meaning of corporates is equality, independence and individuality. If you don’t wear identity card security guard will stops you and questions you, If you don’t use the washroom properly , housekeeper questions you tells you how to use it. In corporates people respect autonomy at the same time they are accountable. Does it possible in govt. offices, could housekeeper even meet the collector of district? This is where we need to ponder over.
Colonial mentality

British had left India many years ago. British legacy – Parliamentary system, rule of law, English, police, army, ICS, communications, railways, low productivity in agriculture, no industrial development, divide and rule policy- had both positive and negative impacts. Colonial mentality is one of the negative aspects. This term explained by different people with different interpretations. 1) Govt is invincible : There was strong feeling among people that British power is invincible so people afraid to question the British authority. This kind of mentality inherited; even now also people believe that govt is invincible and afraid to question the authority. This mentality is major reason for corruption at lower level bureaucracy. 2) Colonial Institutions: ICS and Police were colonial creations mostly served colonial purpose. The problem is even now these institutions are not shedding their colonial mentality. IAS officers exhibited tribal character ( Tribes protect each other) where one Ias officer protects other corrupted officers. Even in some areas people feel same colonial character – An unknown person from different state comes to their place to rule them, some what similar to ICS. There was a very bad record of police institution during colonial period, notorious for corrupted practices. Unfortunately now also Police institution enjoys notorious record for corrupted practices. People are not considering police are there to protect them rather they believe police are obstructions in social progress, exceptions are everywhere. 3) Reactive nature: Colonial mentality can be linked with reactive nature rather proactive. They are many examples. Disaster management act 2005 after 2004 tsunami, National investigation agency after 26/11, ITBP after 1962 china aggression, BSF after 1965 war, National Integration council after 1961 Jabalpur communal riots. In Foreign policy also India mostly joins groupings initiated by others. Terrorism is a major problem for India. Why India is not putting International proposal to establish convention? Now situation is changing, NDA govt has proposed some initiatives like yoga day, solar alliance, and convention on terrorism. But overall we need much dynamism in foreign policy.

Throughout the history there were many instances of questioning immoral authority. Starting from Buddha, Jaina who questioned the domination of Brahmanas, Then Upanishad thoughts questioned rituals, later on Ashoka’s Dhamma is also good innovation, In medieval period Bhakti, Sufi, and other saints questioned the idol worship, and other evil practices both Hinduism and Islam. In Modern India also many Innovative movements like Brahmo Samaj, Arya samaj questioned the existing evil practices. But the scenario has not changed much.

There are so many things we have to learn from different sources. But at the same time we need to “unlearn” many things.  First we need to unlearn colonial mentality, unlearn submissive nature, compromise nature, unlearn acceptance of corruption, unlearn the nature of remain silent when wrong thing happens, unlearn the quality of degrading ourselves. Here Gandhi helps, “They can beat me, they can jail me, they can kill me, but cant take my obedience to evil law”.  What we need is anticipate the problem, take proactive action and never submit to evil practices.


360 degree

In a radio discussion an analyst questioned why many houses were very close to Union carbide factory? (Regarding the Bhopal Gas tragedy 1984) People who are inside factory knows what to do, but outsiders don’t know what to do, if they cover their body with wet cloth many lives could be saved. We always see from factory management perspective about Bhopal gas tragedy, not from the households who built their houses very close to factory by violating the norms. This is not to blame people for tragedy but to understand the problem we need to see it in 360 degree, then only we can find correct solution.  There is no doubt govt. apathy towards farmer’s major cause for farmers’ distress, but it is half of the picture.  We also need to analyze from farmers perspective. In earlier days how many hours do farmers work on the field? Now, how many hours do farmers work on field?  How many farmers are not paying debts deliberately as they think govt. will waive off loans? How many farmers are cheating to get crop damage compensations? (This author’s father is also a farmer)

It becomes a fashion to suggest panchayats as a solution to almost all problems. There is no doubt some progress happened due to panchayats, but there are many problems still exist. In panchayats polling percentage is high, is it because of more awareness, or due more money distribution as every vote is important in panchayat elections. Still panchayats are ridden with caste and gender inequalities. Panchayats become tools to grow in politics and settle political feuds with opponents or symbol of local authority rather institutions of local governance.

There is a law and order problem then media reports India’s/States expenditure is very low in defense.  At other instance, if schools infrastructure is not good, media reports expenditure on education is low. What media is not realizing there is link between both incidents?  If they want to suggest increase expenditure on education they also need to suggest from where expenditure should be reduced. If pollution level is increasing people suggest we must shift to renewable energy, but what they are missing they have write how many megawatts are produced through coal, within how many years we can shift to renewable energy at what cost, should be explained, in other words if anybody highlights the problem, they should also suggest solution, we don’t need activists, but solutionists. When a shepherd beats sheep people show sympathy towards sheep, some even may warn shepherd, without realizing when he kills, they only eat.


Kemal Pasha reforms

After world war 1 , Turkey was almost in shambles.  Later Kemalpasha took over presidentship of Turkey. He had brought many reforms like abolition of khalifa, make country a secular , replaced Arabic words with easy Latin words, burqah is not mandatory for women, foreign investors allowed. They were so many radical reforms. It went against public opinion, still he had kept nations interest above all other religious interests. He succeeded and people remember him as Father of Nation.

This issue has lot of relevance in present day Indian society. Media almost forgets about objective assessment of situation, mostly writing populist opinion. Politicians also expressing populistic opinions. Many committees recommended increase in rail fares and establish Independent railway tariff authority. No takers for these ideas because these go against Populist interests. Indian govt. imports pulses to reduce the prices of pulses, but it was a short term measure , what we need is duties on imports to protect Indian farmers so our pulse production increases. But govt is not doing as it will take time, during this time consumers have to pay more price .  There are many disasters happen in India, still govts not showing interest because expenditure on DM will yield results after long gestation period. By the time govt. may change. Due to this populistic policies govts are not at all focusing on long term plan and stratagy their only concern is satisfy the temporary needs of people. Everybody knew many subsidies not only damage economy  but also reduce soil fertility, but no one dares to remove subsidies. Food grain procurement and MSP mostly applicable to 2 crops rice and wheat again populistic crops.

Here we need to inspire from Gandhiji who had stopped NCM as he thinks it is not going as per imagination, serious criticism expressed by many leaders and people, but he stick to his decision. We all need to analyze the things on objective ,rational manner, otherwise in the long run its impact may be disastrous, though in short run it seems beneficial.
Confucian Ideas

There are so many things to learn from Confucian. Confucian teaching methods discussed in some other chapter. Confucian says if something makes you happy, try to provide same thing to others. Treat the people the way you want to be treated by others. Always believe in , like you every  other beings also deserves same enjoyment and privileges. When you strongly believe in this concept the way you behave with others would change, you give respect to the people automatically.  Confucian gives training to political authorities who run the institutions; he believes that those who run the institution will decide the character of institution. Confucian has related family relations with govt. relations. The relationship between son and father should reflect between people and govt. Son should be obedient, father should show love. Relation between two brothers should reflect among higher and lower authorities of bureaucracy. Higher authority should show humility to his subordinate, subordinate should respect higher authority. How you treat friends should reflect in dealing with other countries. We deal friends in equal manner, so treat all other countries as equals and partners. Husband and wife relationship should reflect in Politician and bureaucrat. Politician should be moral and ethical; bureaucrat should be loyal and obedient.

Confucian ideas are more relevant for bureaucrats. For e.g. If he has all privileges he should strive to provide same facilities to others. If he does not like to wait at politician’s house he should take measures to reduce waiting time of common people who tries to meet him. If he believes that everybody deserves equal respect and dignity he will take all measures to wipe out poverty, unemployment, and malnutrition.

Rama sends sita to forest

We all knew Rama sent sita to forest to respect public opinion. From this example we can estimate the importance of public opinion. People always give credit to constitutional makers for democracy, secularism, and other fundamental rights. But we need to give credit to freedom movement. During movement there was a strong public opinion formed due to participation of masses in the movement. When such strong opinion formed no one could brush aside their interests. IN post independent India India could successfully abolish zamindari system but could not implement  other land reforms like land ceiling, land redistribution, the reason is during movement there was a strong public opinion against zamindari system , but it was not formed in the case of land ceiling policy.  3rd world war not happened because there was a strong public opinion against war after witnessing disastrous two world wars.  U.S had withdrawn from Iraq also could be attributed to strong public opinion.  People always give credit to Judiciary for basic structure but major credit goes to public opinion. By the time due to some politicians, public had lost confidence on govt.  and their confidence on judiciary was increasing. By encashing that situation, Judiciary could create basic structure, without public support and legitimacy it could not sustain in the long run.

In earlier days a political party followed “sons of soil” policy; later on due to lack of public support they left that policy and shifted to Hindutva politics. It means basically they are not stick to particular policy or ideology. Everything depends on people, now they think Hindutva has still relevance and fetch votes they follow it, if people reject that also they may shift to some other ideology. Interstate river problem still lingers due to public opinion. Imperialism and colonialism became a thing of past due to public opinion. Politicians will not do anything because it is good, they do if it yields any good results to them, so we need to synchronize the public opinion with public welfare, and automatically politicians do well for society.

In shaping the public opinion media, civil societies, NGOs, educated people play a crucial role. During freedom movement media’s role was tremendous in forming public opinion against British rule. Unfortunately media is not playing that role, mostly all newspapers aligned with one or other political party, nowadays, politicians are launching newspapers to boast about themselves. Civil society’s role is good to some extent, still lot need to be done, particularly in the case of corruption.
I am proud of india

In an interview UPSC board member asks ” are you proud of India?”
Raj says “yes”
Raj says, so many achievements of India in different fields like space, software, pharmaceutical, milk products like amul.  Ok, India achieved something so he quoted , what if India does not achieve anything? What is the condition of some African countries which don’t have any major achievement? Do they need to change their country? Any person should feel proud of country not because it has achieved something but because we born here. we should be proud of India because we born here. In a movie a son does many things for his father, one day father asks ” why are you doing all these things for me i dint do anything for you” , son replies, you gave me birth that is more than enough to do anything for you.
Whats wrong with Bahubali??

Recent movie Bahubali has created wonders in movie world. There are two scenes, we are going to discuss here. To take Anushka out of slavery is the duty of Tamanna. Why Hero has taken that? Why can’t both given the task or Hero helps heroine the task. This is completely portrayal of patriarchal society.  If Old hero dies why people suffer hardships till his son comes. Why Anushka refuses Slave help, why she wait till her son comes?  These scenes look like part of story, but story is after all creation of people, people are products of society. Cinema plays a major role in shaping people’s opinion. In India dynasty continuation is a major problem. Politics, cinema, business-inheritance dominates and suppressing talent. Why not if hero dies his friend or brother or any other good person will take revenge rather wait for 25 years?

Cinema is sometimes reflection of society other times exaggeration with larger than life characters but cinema is not isolated phenomena. Both cinema and society influence each other. Ram gopal varma made film on 26/11 incident, at the same time some criminal used methods of Ram gopal varma (movies) to do crime. So it is not correct to say that cinema does not influence society at the same time it is not correct to a make cinema for giving messages. There should be balance between message and entertainment. Without giving up the entertainment part directors can design characters to influence the society. For e.g. in movies heroine character does some job , it will definitely change the  attitude of people they may think that women doing job is a normal thing.

Now a days  cinema industry is suffering from piracy. Unfortunately producers always focus more on catching people who do piracy. With great advancements in technology it would be futile to spend time on catching people who do piracy. We should see the problem from demand side. As people are watching movie even in piracy producers not providing enough supply. Here we need to learn a lesson from Coca-Cola companies where they make sure their products available even in the villages. This kind of approach can be replicated in cinema industry also. Nowadays it is difficult to expect people come to theatres to watch films, so producers should think of supply cinema through internet rather wasting time to capture piracy people.

Moral  or  not Immoral 

A constable says I am the only moral person it the station. Raj asks how?  he replies that I never take bribe but whole station takes bribe. The Raj questions, as you are not taking bribe those who give bribe has stopped giving? He says no, his share is distributed among other constables. When your moral act is helping others to become more corrupted persons how can you say moral? This is applicable to lawyer also, he believes that by not taking up heinous crimes he thinks that he is moral but we often here many culprits escape punishment due to immoral activities of lawyers.  Some civil servants ask transfer to avoid corrupt activities and consider themselves as moral. Doing justice is not showing ignorance to unjust acts but stopping unjust acts. This is applicable to every field of society, do not feel great for not doing wrong things feel great for stopping others from doing wrong things. All these people may not be immoral but can’t consider as moral. WE need moral people, not immoral people.

Why India should be united??
 Raj had asked an interesting question, India has never united in the past; British had forced us to unite. We never lived together, never had same identity? Yes it is true that India has never had same identity but at the same time India has never had different identities, meaning People never consider they belong to different nation. Religion has played a key role in not having different identities. The major factors contributed for integration and sustainability of nation- Constitution, Parliament, epics, religion, respecting the autonomy through language, Public institutions, MNCs, cinema, cricket, democracy, secular values. The forces that are obstructing the growth of India- Left wing extremism, Communal tensions, intolerance, insurgency, terrorism, dynastic politics, degradation of institutions, Media nexus with vested interests, Environment degradation, political fragmentation, corruption, Inequality, unstable neighborhood. How to deal with these problems have been discussed in different chapters.

Why Nrega -MGNREGA??

Recently NDA govt . has changed the names of many programs and stopped funding for some programs which are in the name of Nehru-Gandhi family.  How the convention should be established? Some people suggest that there should not be politician names at all? Some even go the extent there should not be any names at all?  Both don’t address the issue. By adding name it will get easy recognition and remembrance among people. At the same time it gives encouragement to the people who are working in particular filed if we name on any person who worked vigorously in the field. There should be convention in naming where program name is designed on the person who works to address the issues. For e.g. any science related programme on Abdul Kalam, Any sports on sports legend, what is the logic of Rajiv Khel Ratna for highest services to sports?


Aurangzeb road:

Recently Govt. renamed Aurangzed road into Abdul kalam road. If there is no other road available or there are no other ways to recognize Abdul Kalam then it is ok. But the way it happened was completely communalization of history. There are wrong perceptions formed among people. Some Hindu historians has portrayed ancient India was a marvelous and great, some other historians portrayed Medieval India was peaceful, great, beautiful. People consider Akbar was a secular and Aurangzeb was a religious fanatic. Close examination clearly reveal that both were devotous and dedicated Muslims. They just acted according to circumstances and contemporary beliefs rather their personal beliefs. Akbar wise enough to understand the society and respected the majority opinion to secure his position.  What we need to understand from history is “ ohh this  is how it happened, so what is to learn” not hatred against any historical personalities.

Take a case: Ripon and Curzon; people consider Ripon was a good person; he had introduced many reforms, and Indian friendly person. Curzon was a racist, so many laws brought out to suppress freedom movement. If anyone observes closely, with Ripon policies there was no resistance among people, it not helped our freedom movement. Curzon partition helped us many ways. Swadeshi movement was first major all India movement, new methods of protest found out, Music, folklore, education-transformed tremendously, people participation in movement increased. So who was good now?


Best practices at one go:

1) Judicial appointment commission:  Recently Supreme court declared NJAC is unconstitutional and void. There was tension between govt and Supreme Court. Many scholars have criticized judiciary for its biased behavior. Here U.K Judicial appointment commission offers solution to this uncertainty. Members of commission selects through open competitive policy, and guidelines for commission to select candidates are 1) select solely on merit, 2) people with good character 3) encourage diversity without compromising quality.


2) London transport system: There was a time London transport system works in fragments. Now integrated transport system developed. Cycling, taxi, mini-cab regulations, traffic signaling, congestion charges brought huge changes in transport system. Smart ticketing has introduced, cashless payment cards, allowing debit and credit cards, apps on London transport system.  Clear network maps at stations, street maps across the city, underground journey, strong leadership in Mayoral administration- When Indian prime minister goes to Japan he meets mayor of Kyoto and it becomes a highlight news, Is it possible in India, Can Indian mayors have access to PM at all? – , London transport system stipulate the guidelines for private transport system, private players run the public transport system.

Kerala has introduced integrated transport system by combining water, road, and local railways. It has yielded good results also. It is limited to only some areas; it must be replicated all over India.

3) Independent commission against corruption: In 1970s, Hong Kong was notorious for corruption and kickbacks. People perception about govt was too bad. Under such circumstances ICAC has introduced. It is separated from civil service, and directly accountable to CEO of Hong Kong. Members have to undergo rigorous training. ICAC strategy is 3 fold. Investigation, prevention, community education. Investigation is very fast and reliable. To prevent corruption ICAC suggest companies’ foolproof techniques of corruption and alerts companies on corrupt practices. Community education is a crucial part of ICAC in tackling corruption. Campaigning, advertisements, recruiting stars to create awareness, fictitious dramas on how ICAC functions. From the stage of most corrupted city to clean city was possible due to ICAC. Many countries have followed same policy. In India we are unable to separate investigation from normal police functions. Mexico offers other solution to tackle corruption, in Mexico everyone will adopt one official and this person monitors that official constantly and reports if that civil servant commits any wrongdoing.


4) Germany Labor model: we all know that Germany is a major exporter of high quality products. The reasons are lies in their education system, and labor policy. Education policy discussed in some other chapter. Labor policy is very simple they include workers in admistrative activities, and policy making. In India since years labor reforms are contentious issue. As it is also mentioned in DPSP that workers should have say in administration, India should study more on this model.


5) Canada cabinet: Recent formation for Canadian cabinet hit the headlines of all newspapers. It is more diverse, inclusive and equitable in nature. India has to learn from Canada in forming cabinet.


6) Singapore water revolution: At one time, Singapore was in deep water crisis. With rain water harvesting, and water treatment plants and recycling , sewage treatment plants , desalinization plants and with technology like UV rays in purifying water –with all these methods it is exporting clean water to other countries. India still uses bleaching power to kill unnecessary microorganisms, we can imagine where we are?

7) Whistle blower policy: Recent amendments in whistleblower policy attracted widespread criticism .  We need to balance between transparency and national security. Here Australia helps in forming right whistle blower policy.

8) Brazil development programs , Mexican policy in saving and preserving forests by making community owners of forest, Japan model in disaster management,  African M-pesa, M-banking are innovative methods that can help in tackling Indian problems.

9) South Korea policy to reduce gender inequality: From South Korea we need to learn many things , some concepts explained in various  chapters. Here we will see Gender friendly polices: Though south  Korea ranked 26th in global competitive Index, In gender parity index it rank is 117. By recognizing the problem South korea established Gender parity task force. The issues it find out- Men fear of women empowerment, as they think it may deprive their jobs, second men think that child and home care are duties of women. To address these issues 1) creating awareness that women empowerment will not deprive men’s job, it just uses in exploitation of women’s full potential, helps in growth. 2) To make men also part of home and child care, Paternity leaves are granted. To create work-life balance child care centers are created. To encourage private sector to adopt women friendly policies, incentives are provided. Private sector also created Gender parity task force to implement gender equality programs. Govt established “support centers for working moms and dads”. To empower women job is necessary, so created “Women resource database” which  helps companies to recruit women. To encourage women to reach Managerial position, Women’s resource academy to give training to women to reach higher positions, so these women help in recruiting other women. On whole, south Korean policy is-Recruitment, retention, restart, representation of women.


10) Russian model to increase the ranking of universities: President vigorously campaigning for reforms in higher education.  Only two universities occupied place in top 200 universities. At one time Russian universities were also not in a good position. To improve their ranks , adopted 50 universities and focused more on these universities and tried to make model universities, it gave good results.

11) A.P Naxalism model: Once Andhra Pradesh was a hot ground for major naxal activities. Even now also leadership provides by Telugu people. Telugu is linga franka of Naxalites. Leadership is provided by telugu people but A.P is not a hot ground for naxal operations. How it tackled? 1) Good surrender and rehabilitation policy for surrounded naxalites. Respect and dignity provided to surrendered naxalites. 2) Separate grey hound force and special training to police 3)  Civil vigilant groups 4) surrendered naxalites under cobra, Tiger forces  5) counter revolutionary measures Janma Bhoomi, Joint forest management 6) Infrastructure development 7) operations based on local intelligence( surrendered naxalites) 8) Excellent intelligence, super co-ordination 9) rewards police for good work 10) Good police leadership culture 11) Grass-roots involvement in anti-naxal operations.


12) Mizoram’s people forum: Mizoram was once hot spot for insurgency operations. Political settlement helped insurgents to come to mainstream society. But the sustainability possible through civil society. Now Mizoram called model of perfect democracy, in this transformation role  Mizoram’s people forum is phenomenal. It consists of mainly retired people-civil servants, doctors, engineers. They  prepare profile of all political candidates and distributes among people. They will arrange stage for political aspirants, both candidates should address from the same venue, if party gives tickets to corrupted people forum protests against them and make sure political parties give tickets to honest people. It will also help govt. in implementing policies and programs. The importance of civil society is growing, almost they become part of state. Tunisian national dialogue quartet is selected for Nobel peace prize is a best example what kind of role a civil society can play.  Presence of civil society in northeast has been playing a great role in reducing insurgence, at the same time absence of civil society is one of the major causes for growing naxalsim, and unable to implement Uniform civil codes( There are very few civil societies in Muslim society)


13) Kerala development model which focus more on social sector like education and health, and gives 25% of state funds to panchayats also should replicate in other states where suitable. Karnataka govt. e-mandi policy is also great success. By the help of stock exchanges it created state wide market; it helps both farmers and consumers by eliminating middlemen. Based on this experience central govt should make moves to execute National agricultural market. Rajasthan labor reforms also can become model for labor reforms.
one size fits all approach

In recent Delhi elections AAP govt. has issued 70 manifestos to 70 constituencies. It means problems of different constituents are different so 70 manifestos. Why we are following 6 subjects with same syllabus formula throughout the state?  India states are as diversified as many western countries, how 6 subjects  will help? We almost reached 100% enrolment in primary education, enrolment ratio for higher education is 20% . It means 80% of people  will not continue their studies. Our focus must how can we make primary education useful to 80% of students.

The main problem in Indian society is parents separate education from work. People who study should focus only on studies. In a family, parents don’t say any work to a child who studies well. To address this issue Gandhian model of education should be introduced.  Every student should be master at one craft. This craft should be based on local environment. In addition to 6 subjects every locality must teach a craft. Learning craft is not only related to job but it will boost the confidence of people, the experience of learning a skill is altogether different from studying a book. In urban areas focus should be more on marketing skills(like spoken English, communication skills), in disaster prone areas focus should be more on disaster management methods and other techniques to escape , in rural areas agricultural techniques, animal husbandry, information about new varieties of seeds, breeds. This kind of primary education should be adopted.

Vivekananda says education is nothing but building the character. Gandhi’s point of view is education should help in bringing harmony among thought, speech, and action. These things possible only if we make work skill is part of education.  There is a narrow opinion among people about education. For too many people, education is tool to get job, but education is necessary for integration of minds, integration of nation, tool to learn values, assess things rationally and helps to come out of superstitious practices. History teaches us patriotism, improves judgment skills, gives experience to avoid mistakes. Geography teaches us importance of environment, necessity of conservation, interdependence of different countries, how to interact with nature and importance of climate. Languages teaches us sensitivity, humor, communication, romance, writing skills, calligraphy. Mathematics teach us rational thinking, don’t believe unless solid proof is there, accuracy, precision. Science teaches us logical thinking, equality, objectivity. We all need to question ourselves, Does our education is imbibing all these qualities among students? Perhaps no.

In Germany universities and industries collaborate to give education. Students spend 3 days in college, 3 days in industry. It gives lot of exposure to students about practical requirements. That’s why Germany is a major exporter of high quality machines.  From west we need to adopt two things regarding higher education, open examination system and evaluating student’s performance throughout the year. There is some misconception that open exam system means copying form the textbook. If some formula is there in the book why student should waste his memory by remembering, what student should remember is analytical knowledge and at the same time questions should be more application oriented so that text books don’t contain the answer. At present circumstances it is not possible due to many reasons but we should make some steps in that direction. 2nd measure, we should implement immediately, in India most students read at the time of examinations and for the purpose of marks. This system should go completely.  Evaluation of student should start from the initial days of academic year, so that he/she will have chance to improve upon continuously. Though India is producing lakhs of engineers every year, they don’t have any practical knowledge, so unfit for any job. Besides Industrial backwardness, apprentice act and labor acts were also obstructions in India to link industries with universities.

What kind of education do we need to provide: Education should contain 7 aspects- Emotional. Physical, moral, social, spiritual, vocational, academics. Emotional—Student should be emotionally strong, should face any challenge in society, otherwise people may commit suicide, or feel down for little failures. Moral—should imbibe all values truth, nonviolence, honesty, love, compassion, diversity, secularism. Physical——should be healthy always, sports should be part of curricula which also increases their productivity.   Social———should know how to respect family, elders, society, sacrifice self-interest for community, rise above discriminatory practices, treat everybody equal, religious acceptance, should strive  for the  welfare of society.  Spiritual——should know about all religions, imbibe the essence of all religions, detach from materialism, no craving for money, power.  Vocational—–should learn a skill while studying. Academics—–More practical education, collaboration with industries to get practical experience, area based subjects, syllabus should be updated regularly to add latest developments.

A tree cant give all same size fruits

In 1952, Nehru had introduced community development programme for the development of villages. There were many reasons for its failure. One important reason was benefits mostly went to rural rich people, not brought much changes in lives of rural poor people. This tells us a lesson all rural people are not same. While framing the policy govts are mostly assume that all rural areas are separate, urban areas separate. This applicable to many other areas. Reservation policy also had same flaw in giving reservation to all sc/st  by not differentiating the class.  there are poor people among upper caste , in future it is going to become a major issue. During green revolution, so many policies for farmers again govt failed to differentiate between rich and poor farmers, so benefits of green revolution went to rich farmers. Subsidies are also not classified based on class. Failure of co-operatives also can be explained under the same concept. So what is necessary now is target the poor with direct transfer. Though there are some loopholes in DBT system we must give a try.
India wins against arch rival

A newsreader in AIR reads like, India wins against its arch rival. Raj assumes that it was England but he could not find any match with it on that day. Raj asked his friend, he says, India’s arch rival is Pakistan. Then many questions came to Raj’s mind. India was ruled by British for 200 years, and exploited India to maximum possible level, still we are not considering Britain as a arch rival. Why we consider Pakistan as arch rival? Is it because of soldiers who just follow orders from higher authorities? Or due to innocent citizens who are struggling to live peacefully? Or due to political establishment who are just following the orders of military? Or due to military which is trying to take over political establishment by highlighting India’s threat?

Rivalry between India and Pakistan increased due to historical writings. Indian writings don’t recognize Muslims contribution in adequate scale, Pakistan historian dint even write about many Gandhian movements. If anyone read Pakistan and Indian history he will never realize he is reading the same history, instead he feels he is reading two different nation’s freedom struggle.

Why there is a bad upsc board?

After attending Upsc interview , an aspirant comments that he gets the worst board.  Then Raj asks why it is worst board, he says chairmen asks all tough questions, he will not at all laughs, he has a past record of giving low marks.. Then Raj questions, if he gives low marks, does it mean he is a bad person? Giving low marks means his expectations for the post are high, so how can we say those who have high expectations could be bad persons.  You expect chairman should laugh, how can you impose your  views on others.  This kind of narrow approach visible  in every aspect of life. In a company, if his boss gives leave to prepare for Ias or any other exams, then he says his boss is a very good person. As his boss getting salary from the company he should loyal to company not to the person. If some other person is strict and don’t entertain leaves then they scold him whenever he gets an opportunity. When we visit hotel if server gives two papads we consider him as good. Actually owner is paying salary to him, he suppose to loyal to owner. As he expecting some money from you he is cheating hotel owner.

Instead of recognizing the actual good we are creating new definitions to good based on our comfort zone.  At the same time we are setting preconditions to everyone’s behavior without knowledge.  We expect hero should be selfless, conductor should be humble while asking tickets, girl should not have any style, everywhere we expect other to behave in a manner you want. This creates lot of damage to not only people but also society. People are gradually leaving their originality and giving answers to assuage others.


People are giving different meaning to friendship also. Raj has observed  this phenomena among many civil service aspirants. There are two roommates. One person cleared prelims, other person dint . When Raj asked first person why his friend dint clear the exam. Then first person saying continuously without having any break, then Raj asked , did you say all these things to your friend ever, he replied no . Because he thinks that other person may not take in a positive way. The whole issue is here people consider friendship as a tool to meet their needs. Their interest is only to get benefits of it. They don’t want to hurt their friend because it creates unnecessary troubles in future. People often give judgments’ about other persons whether he clears the exam or not but don’t dare to say same thing to them.  What we need is frank feedback when your friend is not doing well, a famous philosopher said, an honest friend stabs you from the front, if it creates troubles in friendship, we should never mind,  what we all need is friend’s welfare, in that process if he does not speak with you for giving frank feedback, we should treat it as part and parcel of friendship. When you have any true friendship with any one never hesitate to point his mistakes.


This is not limited to only friendship. A woman after serving food, asks ”its good right” , She never wants to know how the food is, she just want to listen its good from other people. When this kind of ‘Yesman’ approach continues India loses its vast potential in many sectors, in future this status quo continuous, nobody even dare to think out of the box ideas, forget about implementing them.

West vs East

When Satya nadella and Sundar pichai become CEOs world’s top companies, India media highlighted the achievements of Indo-Americans. Its look like self boasting without recognizing actual facts. It is  not India’s greatness, but the U.S policies and their encouragement of merit, placed them at top positions. Why they could succeed in West?  We need to recognize  the greatness of western society and work culture. So what can we learn from west? Systematic way of living, great civic sense, wishing unknown people, single person will do all kind of works from house cleaning to garbage collection, there is trust among people, dignity of labor, politicians live a simple life( not like India 10 vehicles, 100s of followers), while road crossing people give utmost importance to pedestrians, education is more practical, recognition of merit irrespective of race, corruption is low, people respect other people normally as other human beings not based on financial status, difficult to get license without knowing car driving, effective judiciary, good return policy if product damages, good exposure at childhood level, parents give freedom to children since 3. Time management is very crucial part of their life. In India charity is mostly religious oriented, here also we need to learn from west-Bil gates, Facebook founder, warren buffet. Seminars and meetings are very regular feature to update their knowledge, e.g. Ted talks, this concept is not getting encouragement in India—main problems are traffic problem, time management.

Some people question even west needs to learn many things  from India. Its true, they will take care about them, we don’t need to write about them.
pepper spray

A politician, who is silent till then, started shouting when session starts. Other member asked, why are you shouting, it may create negative impression among your people, he replies, I am doing all these things as they are expecting , they will be happy by seeing my active presence in the parliament. When lagadapati Rajgopal used pepper spray in the parliament, people instead of lamenting him, praised him by comparing with ‘Andhra Bhagat singh’. Where is the problem? Crores of money wastage, Parliament degration happening due to one or two political party vested interests. If you just criticize politicians it would be narrow interpretation. The same politicians who work in parliament committees are delivering results because they happen in closed rooms. For e.g. , Juvenile justice amendment bill , though headed by Bjp MP , has not accepted the cabinet recommendations of reducing the age of juvenile, other members belongs to different parties. There is another problem, before there was at least one leader who was above politics, who could bring opposition on track, now that kind of politicians are missing.

The solution lies on people. There is a quote yatha raja, tatha praja. Now it becomes yatha praja, tatha raja. So people should create fear among politicians if anyone disturbs the parliament proceedings without proper reason they should not allow that person to enter the constituency, or people should block their house, this kind of fear should hunt politicians.
Trust Deficit

This is one major problem that doesn’t get much attention as people consider it is not a big issue. British rule had caused wide gap between govt and people. There are so many other reasons , by which trust deficit between govt and people increased. Whatever govt. does, people are attributing ulterior motive to it and trying to block it. What are the consequences of it. Lets take a case. Govt. has announced a project. As people don’t have trust on the project, so they approach ruling politician to stop it.  Due to some restrictions from the party or due to his vested interests in the project, he may not support them. At this instance who is waiting for opportunity will try to utilize this opportunity he may be influential person in community, or opposition party member. In democracy everybody has right to protest, what’s wrong in that? Taking up issue does not have any problem but the issue is demands they ask. For people, they are expecting some important issues must be addressed, but for a political person, that issue should not be resolved, so that he can fetch votes by highlighting the issue in election campaign, and to make issue continuing he put impossible demands in front of govt. We are not saying it’s a wrong doing, but when trust deficit is there it will be automatic consequence. For e.g.: When lokpal bill passed Anna Hazare expressed satisfaction, but AAp commented Jokepal. When civil service aspirants were protesting against CSAT, all politicians who visited them demanded postponement of exam. We can take n number of cases happened in different fields. Tata nano project in west Bengal was another example.  Next time ruling member may become opposition member and obstructs the growth of country. What we need is people should treat Ias officers as fathers.  We don’t get anger when father beats us, because our intuition tells that there must be some reason behind that otherwise he will never beat us. If that approach is there, though some policy is going against the interests of community, they should believe that Ias officers have strong reason to that.

Let take a case what would happen if trust surplus is there, In Andhrapradesh, there was panchayat election, ruling party candidate won by 1 vote. Opponents suspected some rigging and demanded to conduct recounting. There was a tense atmosphere which may erupt riots. At the time, SP came and inspected the total counting system and said there was no fault, please disburse. Immediately people did the same. Why? He had a great reputation for his integrity, honesty. His record of handling cases without any biasness was known to people.

There is one more phenomena happening in the society is a major threat to society. Trust deficit increasing between bureaucracy and people and increasing relationships and connection between politicians and people.  Take a case: A person after drinking makes some noise on the road. Police arrests him.  As police know they are not threat to law and order they should release him on their own, but they won’t do by expecting some money from him. That person family members may not be willing to pay money or can’t pay money, will visit MLA or locally influential person. For Politicians it is a great opportunity as they need not spend money to release him, just through a phone call police release him. So people think that police are not good, politicians are good. This phenomenon is a great danger to society in future. Politicians enjoy more legitimacy than bureaucrats will demoralize the honest officers. This should be stopped by dealing the issues at bureaucratic level.
Removal of VC

Movements and protests are very important tools in democracy to bring change or to pressurize the govt not to implement particular policy. We often read in newspapers about protests against land acquisition amendment bill and some other policy decisions. There were many politicians who used these movements for their political growth. JP movement, anti-reservation movement, anti- corruption movement were some examples.  When we look closely at nature of present movements –youth movements, farmer movements, women movements, dalit movements- are lagging in many aspects. Most of these movements are local in nature, short sighted, and divided among themselves on many issues.

There were some movements by women on issues like banning on liquor, but they were no movements on women reservation bill. Youth protests are mostly short sighted in nature. There were movements for removal of VC, but not for university reforms, movements for postponement of exams but not for reforms in examination system. Farmers movements became mostly exclusive upper caste movements for better MSP, better credit and subsidies. Nature of protests also changed, rail rokos, stopping politicians , blockade of roads, politician houses. But there is no focus on long term measures like good agricultural infrastructure, investment, and R  & D aspects.


There  is a necessity of changing  total approach-unity should be formed among different sections, issues should be long term based and movements should delink themselves from politics, unfortunately this may not happen in the future also.

How govt should respond  to movements?  Govt response should be based on authenticity of movement and the problem it raised. If it is really a problem govt must address it immediately. Unfortunately Govt response  is mostly depends  on the intensity of movement. If the movement is violent though problem they raised not a big issue, Govt responds very quickly. If it is peaceful, though problem raised is serious issue, govt. is not responding properly. Take the case of North East, how many states created, take the case of Mizoram, whey they raised demands peacefully nobody has bothered about them, when they took weapons , govt created new state for them. This will create bad precedents for future generations, govt must respond based on intensity of issue not on intensity of the movement. Creation of Telangana was a good example although political considerations involved(This author is from Andhra Pradesh).
 Dowry should be legalised!

There is a joke among civil servants  whoever writes best essay on women problems will take more dowry. Everyone knows that dowry prohibition act 1961 and Hindi inheritance are not effective in addressing the women problems. Many women don’t know that they have share in property. So we need to combine both laws to do justice. If women share makes mandatory as a dowry it will address many problems. Women gets their share in the property, and woman’s father no need to borrow money to do marriage. It will also help in reducing female infanticide as he has to give half of his property , it may be 100000 or 10000. In Raj’s opinion dowry is a first test for civil servants conduct. If they take it, it is not possible for them to maintain their honesty in their career. How wonder it is an IPS officer asks for 10 crore dowry without realizing as he is the one who supposed to protect the women of that district  after assuming the charge. In Raj’s opinion whoever asks for dowry, instead they should remain unmarried or commit suicide!!!!

Who is genuine: A person sees a girl with lust, she also understands that, other person touches her at many places in the name of friendship, another person does everything on her in the name of love. ??? In Raj’s opinion, first person is more honest and genuine than remaining persons.

Positive Fundamentalism

India has witnessed intolerance acts in recent days. Many actors also talked about growing tolerance. India still enjoys personality based politics. Many people become CMs, PMs without having much network all over the state or nation. These two things  are not good  for democracy. where is the root cause? Teachers to create interest among students will exaggerate things . For e.g. there were many stories on British atrocities and how they raped Indians. There was not at all an objective assessment of British rule. After all British people were outsiders how could one expect to do good for Indian society. Take the case of Indian rulers. Cholas had invaded Java and other islands and destroyed those places, take the case of Vijayanagara rulers they had attacked even Hindu rulers, Maratas had collected chauth from other Hindu rulers. What does it mean?  We all need to understand when there is political vacuum anybody wants to exploit the situation, we need to blame our disunity and feuds among brothers.

While explaining the entry of Gandhi into national movement teachers exaggerate the situation to give more importance to Gandhiji. Gandhiji also made some mistakes, mostly teachers give hagiographic teaching. This creates an impression among students that when problem is there someone will come and save them, this kind of attitude helps when any movie hero establishes party, they think he will solve all their problems, no matter whether any institutional structure exist or not? Though they have good intentions, when there is no institutional check they will become authoritarian rulers.

While explaining terrorism, teachers also exaggerate things negatively. Teachers say Laden is a terrorist, to galvanise patriotism they will add many stories. Teacher must explain what is terrorism, and under what circumstances he became a terrorist, it gives objective picture to the student.  Though teacher intention is to create patriotism among students same thing helps in developing extreme ideas like hindutatvaites. Too much liking or disliking is not good for the society. Whoever is  the person must take care to present rational, objective picture.

What Kamasutra teaches us?

People always quote women achievers in different fields. We often hear about Arundati Bhattacharya, Chandha cochar and other women personalities. We often fail to realize why men are not quoting men achievers. Women occupy 48% of population; if some tribes quote their achievements there has a meaning. We have inherited this kind of attitude due to problems in participation of women in Independence movement. Mostly participation of women was within the patriotic framework. Women though participated in movement they never shown dissidence against existing system. Even Gandhian movements also did not encourage any radical changes from the existing system. There were some exceptional people who attacked on patriarchal system. Ramabai was one example. People always compare women with mother India which means giving birth, Gandhi tried to shift mother India to sister India, but failed to create empowered women. Whole issue revolves around the perception, men strongly believe that women are basically weak so there must be  gender inequality. This theory proved wrong with African women. African women succeeded in almost all fields-political, economic, social- If African women overcome physical weaknesses, why it is not possible in India-anyhow India has not learnt from Africa.

With such inheritance from movement it is very difficult to address the women issues. They were enough discussions on women problems. Political, economic, social problems are discussed enough. One problem, that is not getting much intention sexual empowerment. When Raj reads Kamasutra other people comments that he is romantic. The problem is perception. Kamasutra is a first major secular document which gives many details about the society. It gives many lessons on how to treat women in bed. First night takes place after 3 days. It explains like men should understand about women in three days and know about her likes , dislikes, and other interests like a friend. If 3 days are  not enough take another 8 days to understand her mind, but at any cost dont touch her without her permission. Second thing is why only after 3 days , why not after 1 month. In earlier days people don’t know each other, so bride and bridegroom are unknown to each other so to form love between them is first priority for them, as sex is the ultimate expression of love.
Kamasutra also suggests after spending some time men should give chance to women to have , the pleasure which they like. When you watch porn videos you will understand that even at that place men are showing upper hand, women are acting there also as they think if they express their desire , her husband may think that she is so advanced. She is not realizing its her basic human right.

Other problem is marital rape . Men have sex without understanding her mood which has lot of psychological and physical problems. It is affecting their performance at work places; women are facing deep depression, and mental torture.  Justice Varma committee also not recognized this marital rape is a crime as they are some cases of misuse of IPC 498A. At public places we watch men put their hands on women. we must understand that in public place she  is an independent individual, first she is a woman then your wife.  please respect women, when you do that you will do everything that is required to empower the women sexually.

Philosophy of Death

People move in one direction with one purpose only at death. People always avoid discussion on death. This is a great mistake. Steve jobs in his speech said that he understood the philosophy of death, it has changed his life tremendously. Here don’t have much space to discuss it. It teaches us a lot how to live simple life, not running after materialism, not overexcited for success or failure, how to utilize life more effectively, how we can experience every moment of life, it will also increase our love towards other people. There are many if understand the philosophy of death. Death does not mean suicide, suicide is a cowardice act.

How China beats US in 2008 olympics in gold 

When somebody asks Abinav Bindra , why were you unable to win olympic medal in 2012? he said, when I lost 2004 Greece Olympics , I had severe pain and frustration , 2008 Olympics became a do or die for me. When strong intensity hunts and inspires you automatically your strength will increase and will win medals. Same thing happened to Gagan Narang in 2008, so 2012 became a do or die for him so he won the bronze medal. its look like, to win sports medals there should be great humiliation happen to sports persons. Milkha Singh also only after humiliation in earlier Olympics had increased his hard work secured 4th rank in the next Olympics.
After securing the chance to host 2008 Olympics, China started project called Project-119. They have chosen some sports where china performed very badly. All these persons placed in Island, foreign coaches recruited, billions of dollars poured in. Excellent infrastructure created , employment given for sport persons. The main motive behind this is politics, Chinese govt. has strongly decided to shatter U.S dominance in sports arena. From that they got inspiration.
In 2012 Olympics India has placed in 55th position with 6 medals with no gold. we all know the reasons for that -Political leaders occupy boards, no sports person in the sports administration, Some businessmen controlling the sports administration whose main motive is profits rather sports mania, lack infrastructure , sexual harassment of women players which discourage future generations, Sap malfunctioning and other problems. There are some issues that need discussion.
Why Indians love cricket? 
 ‘it’s a beautiful game,  its format is good ,it’s an interesting game, it’s because of batting and bowling power plays, etc…’ A student answered.
Raj didn’t know the reason but he laughed loudly, then teacher asked him ‘stand up’.
‘Why did you laugh?’ Teacher asked him.
‘Nothing sir (Raj did not get other words to speak)’
On teacher’s insistence, Raj started in this way “Sir in my opinion it’s not about interest, not about power play, it’s all about nature sir . for e.g. , as per geography  our climate is  not good to maintain fitness that is required for football, hockey, all short hours games.
If you observe the economy of Cricket playing countries Except England all are either developing or Under developed countries. In one way Cricket is a poor men’s show. Indians are very poor they cannot afford much for buying football, big ground, net. So they go for cricket we don’t need anything mandatorily  rock will replace wickets, professional bat will replace by wood that is very much abundant even in villages, no need to  bother about ground(even we can play in streets, inside house, wherever we have 4 feet land).No matter how many players are available. We can play with 3 members , we can play with 30 members. So we just bother about ball that is very cheap around 10 rupees. I can add one more point here Indians don’t like bowling , they always prefer batting if they win the toss ,particularly we can see in villages they do batting first, even some players may leave the field after their batting irrespective of winning probability(may be because of Indian’s laziness and  tendency on bowling, fielding, Batting represents power and authoritarianism and bowling is a symbol of weakness).
As per psychology Indians want to keep anything forever either it may be relations or sweet moments”.

There are some other issues : People often consider Sports is a luxury. Everybody knows that investment in sports is very less, then why they were not any movements to address the sports issues? Another thing is people think that those who study should not play sports, They think that education does not need sports, this is the stage for recognizing the talent. If people don’t play at all how can we recognize the talent in sports, other issue is people treat sport as a hobby in most cases, but the way they spend time on sports is more than professionals sometimes. Parents and sport persons future plan also obstructs many sports persons to drop in the middle, Parents not taking risk approach is also another problem. From china’s experience we can learn one thing post-sports employment. This was the main issue that obstructing the growth of Indian sports. If anybody watch Marycom Movie we can understand the position  of sportsperson after retirement, she was offered clerk post, if the position of world champion is like this, what about the condition of sport persons who could not succeed at all? It is fact that if 100 people become a sport persons only one or two people succeed, we know only about them, what about 98 remaining people? It they invest their energies in studies they have a secured job. Until these scenarios changed India never reaches its right place in sports.

This is circle

A child asks Raj by showing dot, is it a circle? Raj says how it is a circle, circle should be in ball shape, then a 3rd class student by laughing out, says it is a point circle. This brings out the ineffective methods of teaching. Teachers always say by drawing circle, it is a circle rather saying the definition. Sometimes we listen that every student should see the world through teacher’s eyes. If we see through teachers eyes we will also become teachers, then whole world fill with teachers? Do we want that? Confucian is considered to be great teacher because of two qualities; he makes class more interactive and always ask questions and try to extract answers from students. He always asks feedback of students whenever any student joins.

Teachers always fix their mind that student knows something about the topic. Effectiveness of teaching should be measured whether it reaches the poor student or not rather clever student understands in a better way. So first step is, teacher should assume nobody knows anything in this process some clever students may feel boredom but it will reach the dull students and they also don’t hesitate to ask questions if they don’t understand any concept, in most of the classes teacher assume that students know basics and often asks ‘u know this right’, so students feel ashamed and not asking questions as they have to face humiliation in the class for not knowing such small things. Teacher should always acts like facilitator. They should teach what to read not how to read. In earlier days Guru-shishya bond is very strong now a days it becomes a teacher and student. Teacher should update his knowledge as per latest developments. Most of the teachers are not putting any efforts to improve their knowledge and private tuitions degraded their position in the eyes of students. A teacher should not feel shame for not knowing but should feel it for lack of interest to know the things , in whatever conditions students should not demean their teacher, after all he is a teacher occupies 3rd highest position after mother and father.

Caste and class

When we observe the western political system like U.K we can observe labor party is there, in other countries also we can see either labor parties or labor sympathetic parties. Karl Marx had predicted labor revolutions all over the world. In India caste dominated the whole scene. Even during Independence labor divided among caste lines. They were many conflicts among upper and lower caste people. They were separate stay points for lower and upper caste people.
Whole framework of Indian society is based on caste. Chief Ministers are from particular caste, festivals are caste or religion based, people mobilization takes place based on caste, so policy making also caste based. Recent SECC (socio economic caste census) is perfect example. There is no awareness about mayday even among workers. In democracy everything revolve around elections, if labors are not united on class basis, all labor unions has affiliation with one or other political party, who will bother about their interests.
Some people give idealistic slogans like caste should be annhilated, if one observes closely caste is getting more recognition, for e.g. In NJAC caste has got recognition, in Lokpal also caste representation is there. So instead of giving slogans better to accept the reality and frame policies or programs in way that reach target section, in that process we must use caste leaders or caste as a tool to reach poor people of that particular caste.

Why should pay or How should pay 

Raj asks some people why any govt official asks for bribe what is their primary thought, most of the people say they think how can they pay or how will get money to give bribe, unfortunately no one is thinking to question why should they pay. This is a part of colonial mentality. We will discuss about it a separate chapter. Here we will focus on what are causes of corruption. Child cries very often, If mother thinks every time he cries for a milk it would be great folly, whatever be the problem child expresses through cry. Similarly whenever corrupt activity takes place it is not correct to blame only politicians and bureaucrats, they are also products of society , they will also behave the way society behaves. An unethical person can’t become a most ethical person whenever he gets power.

Corruption means using official position to gain personal benefits. , Nowadays definition has changed. Exactly how and when corruption emerged?  Its starts from mother, she misuses her position in upbringing child, many a times she tells lie to make herself comfortable. AT that time child think that whatever her mother says is true, later on he realizes his mother tells many lies. This is the first impression of child which tells that In a practical society we can’t live without telling lies.

There are some families which give importance to child and involve him decision making. but most of the times parents assume child does not know anything so they ask his opinion if they are selling assets as it may require his signature. Here there are chances of maintaining transparency should develop but not happening. Even parents are giving narrow outlook in terms of caste, religion, society.
All the myths learn by us at home should shatter at schools. There is a misconception that teacher should know everything. It is very difficult for teacher to say he does not the answer, we hardly hear from the teacher. we hear like this is not important, or  I will say tomorrow to cover ignorance or lack of knowledge. Out of  fear teacher discourages  students in asking doubts, and student believes master knows everything he will change his path as he thinks he is wrong.

When we visit the doctor he will write medicine and asks as to leave as if jewels go away if he speaks more. Why should we go doctor instead of pharmacy, we need strong assurance from the doctor and to know the cause of disease exactly. Here the whole problem is doctor always assume that patient does not know anything. This approach should be changed, doctor should give respect it means he has to explain patient what is the disease? What could be cause? How can he avoid in future? Not happening as he treats patient a tool to earn more money.
When we go to market same kind of situation repeats here, in India nobody would be there who is not cheated anytime in his life. Somebody may question why all these things related to corruption, but civil servants after all products of society.

People always unable to differentiate between duty and favor.  In hospitals we often witness blackmailing of cleaners, they demand money when the patient leaves. If we attribute it an arrogance of cleaner it would be narrow interpretation, at one point somebody has given money for her service without differentiating  duty and favor, later on her lifestyle and expenditure should have changed as she getting fixed income in terms of bribe, then if anyone refuses to give, whole plan will disturb, so she might start demanding . Same thing happened in Buddhist Samghas, During initial period people give materials out of love, or fear later on it became a normal feature and corrupted practices of Samghas played a major role in declining of Buddhism.

If everyone is corrupted in the society, automatically it will inflate the rates of all commodities and services. If the sons of all other professional are studying in Delhi public school how civil servant sends his son to normal school. We all should think how people can send their children to costly schools.

If corruption links with money it would be narrow interpretation.  If we observe corrupted people when they attend marriages they give money very generously. The main problem is acceptance of bribe by people. People give more respect who earn money even thorough bribe. Corrupted people are not thinking that they are doing wrong, they always think that it is win-win deal. This should be changed. People no need to attack or complain just give heinous look in front of officials. Whenever you see him give a look how you look if a person who raped 10 girls. Corrupted people are more heinous than terrorists, though terrorist kill people, he is misguided, but this person is self-guided.

Election funding is another major cause of corruption. Everybody knows how money flows from businessmen to politicians and from politicians to bureaucrats. This forces them to create favorable business policies. So people give money to business people by buying their products. This is a cycle.  This is not only root cause of corruption but also inhibits honest people to enter politics.
People suggest state funding to solve this problem. But in Sweden there is no black money so it worked there. what we need to understand to make corrupt free society politicians should not spend from their pockets. Same kind of situation prevails in U.K and France.  The solution not lies in changing funding pattern, need to reduce the demand  which is only possible through middle class educated unbiased people. When British occupied India it was Indian middle class who mobilized people and formed strong public opinion against British, Now British replaced by corruption so time for 2nd Independence movement, oh middle class are u ready??

There are other reasons like historical legacy, no fear of judiciary , perverted intelligent lawyers, poverty,  media-politicians nexus.

YS Rajasekhar Reddy at Lumbini park

An MLA has complained that people started calling for death ceremony’s also not only that they are strongly expecting their presence at that event. People are judging politicians not based on whether MLA delivering its functionalities rather based on whether he present at the village or not whether he is attending the marriages or not?  Gradually Politicians are also taking advantage by neglecting their functions by focusing more on their presence at public festivals, fairs and marriages. These reached a stage where CM is visiting terror attack places. YS rajasekhar reddy visited Lumbini park after it was witnessed terror bomb explodes. It was a wrong precedent so later on other AP CMs also visited terror attack places. Now question arises when should politician visit the victim? We witnessed many incidents where political visits had caused lot of inconvenience to victims. If cm or some other political personality visit the place there was so much pressure on the police, what is the consequence if any unexploded bomb still present that was not found by bomb squad? There would be so many horrible consequences. Still why politicians visit? We can’t blame politicians, rather they are appeasing peoples anger after attacks by visiting the place. What is needed really? A farmer attempts suicide because he is unable to get govt. compensation, or he believe that there is no one to him in the hour of crisis at that moment CM’s visit will help a lot and it impact on other farmers is also huge, they also believe that CM will do something for them. Even to satisfy CM, bureaucrats also work so it will help farmers to get their due share.  So based on impact there should be convention formed when should visit rather just to appease public with unnecessary visits.

Unconstitutional and void: Putting the leg in the door technique

Putting the leg in the  door technique use by people to convince others. If a person wants to increase his salary by 5000 first he proposes 3000 then later on by adding this or that he will make sure he will get 5000. As initial amount is very low other person agrees to our proposal then as other person in good mood we can increase our demands very easily.

Our Judiciary evolved in a peculiar manner. Initially Judicial review mostly confined to executive actions. Later on it extended to Parliament acts but say no to constitutional changes. With Keshavanandha Bharati case judiciary not only extended to constitutional provisions but also spreaded to 9th schedule also. Then Judiciary  started framing temporary laws like the case of Vishaka Guidelines. Then started doing exeutive work by cancelling coal block allocations, 2g spetrum licences. Recently Supreme court appointed Lokayukta of U.P and declared NJAC is unconstitutional and void. In this process there are some judicial innovations like PIL , e-courts , night courts surely helped to make justice more accessible to marginalized sections. National legal service authority and lok adalats were also good measures to increase the access to poor.
While writing the constitution there was no clarity which form to adopt in judiciary. Some people visited U.S to know about due process of law , though U.S follows due process of law, U.S Judges suggested not to adopt it. Indian adopted procedure established by law as per Japan constitution. But gradually with various judgments’ , finally with Menaka gandhi case with wide interpretation of article 21 , we virtually adopted due procedure of law. Recent judgments’ clearly proved that. Definitely corrupted practices of politicians and bureaucrats has allowed the interference of Judiciary under the strong public pressure. In the present circumstances where political values  degraded , corruption becomes rampant, religious values degraded, parents are giving narrow outlook of society- Judiciary role needs to be more proactive.
But recently Supreme court has quashed the NJAC brings out loopholes of this kind of system. Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional but on what basis? there is no answer.

Parliament should enjoy sovereign power because it is elected by people. Under any circumstances people’s will should be prevailed upon. At the same time blaming judiciary is not a solution. Politicians and bureaucrats should work with utmost integrity so that there is no space left judiciary to occupy.

NHAI:not just building roads, builing the nation
Perception is very imprortant in the society. A journalist asked  a mason, what are you doing, he says can’t you see, just building the wall, another mason replies that i am working for building of the nation. Thomas Alva has failed for many times , when somebody asked , he said i dint fail i came to know that in that way I can’t make a bulb. Failure is not a problem but perception is a problem. If you think that your choice is wrong it will hurt you but if you think that you can’t do anything , can’t achieve anything that would create lot of problems in your life.  For some emergency was a great shame, for others emergency taught people about importance of democracy, Indian democratic values strengthened after emergency, no future ruler could even think of imposing emergency due to emergency. Many civil societies formed to protect the civil rights like PUCL.   Some people consider climate change is a threat to society and environment. Others see climate change provides opportunity to develop renewable energy and to break status quo, if climate change is not at gun point, we may not show much interest in bringing innovations in environment-friendly policies.  Everything depends on the way we see it.
If capitalists think that they are helping poor people by CSR it would be their great mistake. If somebody is earning even through right means they have taken somebody’s else money, so they are just doing their duty.
In South Korea, a person falls some rice on the floor, owner warns him , if you do like this it will be a great damage to country. The secret behind South Korea’s success is this kind of attitude among people. they see every action from the perspective of nation. This kind of attitude is required in lower level of bureaucracy. Higher level bureaucracy enjoys some prestige and recognition for their work, but in the case of lower level, they always believe that they are just distributing a paper called birth certificate so they are getting some bribe, they never feel that they are doing great service to the people. Whole perception of people about govt and corruption depends on their practices and behavior as they directly interact with citizens. Urgent need is everyone who is part of society should see every action from national perspective. IAS officers should recognize this and should give proper recognition to every small work done by lower level bureaucracy.

 Eureka moment
After getting the results of the exams Ram has continuously saying I have not given my best. Raj assumed that he has not got the job, so ram is saying like this. Next year results announced same thing said by ram, Raj has seen the results. Rams rank was 1st rank. Then raj asked the ram, what do you mean by success or giving best? He says to me result is does not matter because it is not in my hands to me success is faultless try. I got the first rank because others dint prepare  well so for others mistakes i should not enjoy at the same time if my attempt is faultless if i dint get good rank due to unequal competition i will not worry. For me Eureka movement is faultless try and I don’t make my success depends on the others performance. This interpretation addresses the whole issue of disappointment, suicides and enjoying the ranks rather preparation.

Same old sentence

India is a developing country with huge  demographic dividend,  India will soon join the club of developing countries. We often listen this sentence from the mouths of politicians and other pro-India writers. Since days India had missed many opportunities. At one time India was in position to decide the world trade, Indian market acted as a catalyst for colonialism and imperialism. 1st mistake or losing opportunity due to technological backwardness. Mughals had not shown much interest in advancements of technology. So we had to become a colony of British for around 200 years. 2nd opportunity missed when Indira Gandhi followed aggressive nationalization after 1967 which was a period  where world trade was booming like  anything. This trade opportunities captured by South Korea, Indonesia and other Asean countries by encouraging export policies.  Instead of encouraging export trade India moved towards more closed economy.  India had forced to open economy in 1991 due to crisis in current account. Though reforms benefited a lot, reforms should not be introduced at gun point they should be introduced at peace time otherwise it sends a wrong signals to market and vested interests will take advantage out of our vulnerable position. Now what is India’s potential how it should be trapped??
1) Our perception about farmers is they are subservient and always depends on the state for help. Even successive govts also treated farmers are illiterates and they always follow short term and appeasement policies. So mostly govts expenditure revolve around subsidies. People think that govt is helping them by giving money or wiping out debts but govt intention is like farmers will not understand if they introduce schemes which will improve soil productivity. Insurance schemes should be improved. There are many loopholes in WBCIS, MNAIS, NAIS , issues like  insurance claims and delays and banks reluctance to give loans, all out of people’s attitude towards farmers. Other structural problems like APMC act and creation of National market must be addressed. It does not mean that we should treat farmers as corporates but when we believe that they are the builders of the nation we will really recognize the value of farmers, stop showing sympathy on farmers and give respect when govt has such respect obviously their polices are more based on long term improvements by putting political interests above.

2) Ease of doing business: Our rank is very lower than Afghanistan. Govt. has launched Make in India program. To make it success ease of doing business should be excellent. Not only that infrastructure also should be  good. Govt has established national infrastructure investment fund to  improve the condition of infrastructure. Make in India program success depends on success of skill India program. Countries like Philippines, Vietnam, Mexico, Poland are giving tuff competition to India. If our skills are not job oriented India may lose Mncs to Asean countries.  National skill quality framework is a great step, it must be Implemented in right spirit. Encouraging apprentices, vocational training , industry-university- research collaboration  are required. In India every year 12 million people enter work force, out of them only 5% are skilled , in South Korea 90% work force is  skilled. Though NSDC is doing excellent job in training there are many loopholes in our training process. In South Korea Industries invest in skill development and R&D , in India industrial investment is very low. Our expenditure on Science R&D is not even 1% of GDP.

Why govt. unable to invest? Govt. tax base is very low (8%). It is very unfortunate that only 8% people pay taxes.  Tax evasion, aggressive tax reduction policies, large informal sector makes our tax base is low. So need of the hour is GST implementation and effective and innovative  functioning of Revenue officials to bring informal sector employees into tax kitty.
3) Defense imports: India is the world’s largest importer of defense products. Recently India has adopted defense procurement policy which gives more weightage to indigenous products. India allowed 49% FDI in defense sector. Still there was not much change. What are the problems and how they can be resolved??  There is a need to establish defense minister’s council on production to prepare a long term road map and set target to defense industry- Members should come from all depts. space, atomic energy, and other defense related depts.  There should be a defense manufacturing and R &D plan, Long term integrated plan to defense plan.  Need to set up dedicated defense Tech. University like Indian institute of space science and technology. Need to treat private sector as an equal partner, conducive financial framework, incentives to defense manufacturing, Reforms in DRDO, public undertakings, ordinance factories. Ordinance factories should be corporatized; DPU should be listed and should bring under corporate governance principles.

Other problems like exchange rate mechanism, double digit interest regime, zero interest regime in Europe, Increase in the cost of working capital, no incentives for local companies, private sector has no channel to get information about Army requirement, it becomes a monopoly of DRDO, defense has not  given infrastructure status, DRDO chief has to perform secretary functions of defense ministry , and defense acquisition council mostly look for short term requirements.

There are some international practices which help us. Israel gives 15% price difference to local industries. South Korea collects 10% defense tax. In U.S.A, DARPA identifies talent from academicians, individuals and fund their products , so they get royalty on the products. In Israel also OCS also funds R&D projects of academicians, individual, scientists, in return they get royalties. They use this money in defense budget. One hit, two birds.

Women potential: Obama says that if half of country’s potential is unexploited, any country can’t grow sustainably. There are many inhibitions to utilize their full potential, we must shift our focus from helping women to woman’s empowerment which is needed to country’s growth. So give them space, love, encouragement not sympathy.

Industrialists often cite land acquisition is a major problem, Vijay kelkar committee found out thousands of acres of land under PSUs unutilized for many years. So govt. should warn them “ use it, or lose it”  policy.

Railways: British had left railways at nearly 60000km track. Track length has not increased much. Chinas track length is 100000km. The major problem is there is no investment. Many committees suggested to increase the passenger fare and reduce the cross subsidy to reduce the prices of container transport. Critics argue that it will increase burden on common men. They are not realizing same common men due to lack railway line pays 3 times on road journey. Urgent need is to implement the reforms suggested by earlier committees.  Western countries get 30% income from non-railway sources. Passenger fare, freight charges don’t meet requirements of railway expenditure and investment. There is a huge potential in non-railway sources like development of stations, advertisement, proper utilization of railway data( 3 million per day), proper usage of railway land for commercial purposes without losing property rights, vertical model development at railway stations. Proper utilization of water and reduction in electricity expenditure by using latest technology also helps in reducing operating cost which is very high in railways (around 92%)

Software: Some scholars consider software is a jobless growth and it gives employment to skilled personal only. If we don’t take some urgent measures even that growth will not happen through software. Already our companies are losing contracts to Philippines, Vietnam, Mexico, and Poland.  We have language advantage over china, but now China started teaching English language. We had some advantage over Philippines for their currency appreciation. But these advantages cant not guaranteed for long time.  So we must bring some reforms to sustain our market in Software industry. First we need to diversify our market for that we should include many foreign languages in our Engineering curricula like Arabic, German, French, Latin American languages. We need to spread software industry to rural areas for both cost saving purpose and to create employment in rural areas.  Our cyber security must be strengthened to get the data secure status from European Union so that many contracts may knock the Indian doors. There is a huge potential in North East area to develop software industry due to their English speaking population and they also available for low salaries, so we must build some software parks in north east to tap that potential, for that major obstruction is connectivity and infrastructure problem. If we address these issues we can also bring many insurgents into mainstream by providing employment.


Pharmacy: India is called “world’s poor people pharmacy”, there is no doubt our products will match with world’s best products at low price. One area we need to tap is API(active pharmaceutical ingredients) which are inputs to make products, in this area China is dominating , if we put good investment it will create huge revenue and employment.

FTA  and other bilateral/multilateral agreements: India has signed many agreements with different countries. Both advantages and disadvantages through these agreements. With Asean free trade agreement, we have lost our farmers interest(Pulses), with Japanese CEPA, Our iron ore industry suffered, With South Korea CECA we have negative trade balance, With Sri lanka FTA, though we have positive trade balance, china is dumping its products through Sri Lanka( for e.g. Ludhiana cycle industry effected due to cheap Chinese cycles). There are some advantages through Indo-Singapore CECA, Indo-U.S FTA.

Recently we heard about Nokia issue. With FTAs , imported goods are cheaper than the price of processed goods in India( Inverted duty structure). This is one of the major reason for shut down of SEZ’s. This issue must be addressed otherwise our make in India program can’t succeed. And at the same time there are some agreements which are useful. India must pursue all ways to get them done. For e.g.: Indo-European Union FTA, Indo-Russia FTA, Indo-Chile FTA, Indo-Srilanka CEPA.

India often boasts of it developments in space, pharmaceuticals, software. But India’s development in technology is ok, but progress in pure science is not up to the mark. Recently Indian neutrino observatory In Tamilnadu was a good step. Still artificial photosynthesis, separation of hydrogen from water need more attention and funds, unfortunately there are no funds to these pure science programs.

There are so many programs to address the same issue so much redundancy is there. There are so many functions overlapping between the ministries. Urgency of convergence of many programs and funds of many ministries. For example, to implement Swatch Bharat, need convergence of Min. of water resources, Ministry of drinking water and sanitation, Min.of rural development, Min of Urban development and Rajiv Gandhi grammen vidytuthkarana yojana. Otherwise there are more chances of corruption and wastage of funds.

In most of the hands we can find either Samsung or Nokia, Apple. Why? It is due to our mistake of signing Information technology agreement 1. As per agreement, there is zero duty on imports of semiconductor products. At the time Indian semiconductor industry at infant stage could not compete with established companies. It totally collapsed the chances of developing indigenous semiconductor industry. Karbon, Celkon are two Indian companies under hard circumstances have developed. There is a huge potential for employment in this industry if we follow proper policy.

People at the sea coast are fighting among themselves for exclusive fishing rights, but Meena kumari committee  identified  many parts of ocean are exploited, to exploit them we need foreign technology, so committee suggested collaboration with Japan to explore new fishing resources, but due to local resistance govt. could not move forward. Urgent need is govt. must address the concerns of local fishermen and should make moves towards proper utilization of resources.

MRO: Most of our airplanes get repaired at foreign locations. Maintenance, repair, overhaul sector of aero plane has huge potential, By recognizing this potential govt. has exempted service tax for MRO industries, it was a good step still lot need to be done to utilize the vast potential of this sector as 70% our planes are getting repaired at foreign locations(loss of foreign exchange).

There is a huge potential in renewable energy as per some studies our solar potential is 300000Mw but our production is 2700Mw, in wind our potential is 100000MW, our production is 21,000MW. Potential of hydropower is 148000MW, our production is 40000MW. We can observe the difference between potential and utilization. What is needed investment and cheap raw material. Only technological developments will help in utilizing the potential, for that our investment in Research and development should be increased. Recently India has lost case in WTO on U.S so India should not show discrimination against U.S companies which will impact Indian solar tools manufactures. Though input cost of solar equipment may reduce but drastic negative impact on domestic manufactures.

Food processing Industries: India is a major producer of milk , 2nd major producer in cereals, fruits, 3rd major producer in fish and marine products, Unfortunately only 10% of our food is processed , Majority of our food processing products are imported. Food processing industries have to be established at rural areas, and most of the sc/ st population gets employment, we can reduce disguised unemployment by shifting labor from farm to non-farm sector. There are some constrains like APMC act, ECA act, insufficient cold storage facilities.  Food  losses due to insufficient storage or transport facilities are 4-18%  if you reduce that there  is a huge potential of employment in rural areas. Amul is a good example how food processing changed the lives of Anand people.

There are shipping, port , inland waterways sectors have huge opportunities to increase the growth and create employment. Our indigenous ships carry only 10% of shipping transport, 90% of ships are from abroad, there is a huge scope to develop shipping industry in PPP mode. As our shipping industry not developed foreign shipping industries are charging unfair charges which makes our products uncompetitive in international market. It is unfortunate sometimes international ships have to move Srilanka first, from there,  goods have routed into India. This is due to underdevelopment of Indian ports. With 7500 KM long coastline, India has huge potential in port sector. If we have integrated multimode transport system with railways, road, shipping it will help in increasing our economy. Logistics is a major problem which makes our trade so costly. There are so many problems at port make it a very costly business. NO 24*7 facilities at port, no containers to carry goods from railway station to port, and labor cost is also very high. SagarMala project is good step which encourages port led development. Still lot need to be done to exploit the potential of ports. In this process, if we integrate inland water transport it will improve the logistics. Inland water transport offers cheap transport and reduces road congestion, and also cost and pollution also can be reduced, but before implementing, issues must be addressed like environmental pollution.

India’s population is growing, people are talking about demographic dividend, inclusive growth, women empowerment, Sc/sT development. Some people are saying India is moving towards jobless growth. To address all these issues  tourism offers solutions.  With low investment tourism has huge potential to create employment that to marginalized sections. Tourism contributes to 6.5 % of GDP and 12% of employment. When compared with Singapore our tourists numbers are very low. Singapore is after all a city-state, but India is a very large, diverse country. India has huge potential for various kinds of tourism—Medical, religious, domestic, business, cultural, environmental. If we converge Tourism with Swatch  Bharat and MGnrega it would increase the productivity of MgNrega work. Visa on arrival and e-visa are good steps and reforms in aviation sector are good steps. The problems in tourism sector are – safety and security of tourists, luxury tax imposed by states is very high, discriminatory practices, lack of cleanliness, lack of awareness about our tourist spots. Govt. has taken some steps to address some issues, the main problem is people’s perception about tourists. They think that they can cheat foreigners very easily, this is creating negative perception about foreign tourists, foreigners consider Indian are hypocrites, this thing should be changed. Ameer Khan advt. was a good step, that kind of measures should be introduced  to change the perception of Indian people about foreign tourists. If we cheat them in the long run it will impact their income.

Ameer Khan Vs Jackie Shraaf

when Raj watches Rangeli Movie he feels so discomfort able When Urmila moves more close towards Jackie shraaf at one point of time he wants to kill Ram gopal varma if climax does not have any twist. His anger suppressed when climax is favor to Aameer. By liking the movie he watches the movie again after some months, When he watches the movie again this time with more interest  when he reaches the climax he starts crying as he knows the climax. As he does not like to watch the climax he leaves the place. What happened in few months. Nothing new happens. while watching first time his biasness towards the lower middle class section has dominated his thoughts as he is from lower middle class so he supports Aameer Khan, while watching for the second time he understands the true tragedy i.e Jackie shraafs life- who has lost lover and living isolated life. As Raj comes from lower section and Jackie is a big star he could not identify his pain. he realizes it second time.

People always attribute American civil war to get rid of slavery. As south part practices inhuman slavery so northern part opposes it and war breaks out. what is missing is not taking their biases into consideration. South think that slaves condition is better than labor of north and their economy is based on agriculture, they believe that slavery is their moral right without strong belief in what they are doing they would not enter into war. These two incidents shows us how contemporary scenario influences your biases and it influences your decision making.

A person says its a good film and he is good actor or star. He thinks that these films are good or great so they like them. But actually circumstances play a major role in forming our opinions. Lets take a case a top director says that so and so movie is so good  and its very difficult to make that movie, As a director he knows how difficult it is to make a movie so that movie should be very successful, there are many instances such movies become a disasters. Definitely top director knows more than audience then it should be a blockbuster. here comes to the role of circumstances and emotions. There are many instances raj witnessed a person likes a hero because he is also from poor background or he shares same color or body. Then why some movies become  big hits in all areas?  the simple reason is inside every person there is a mass angle , that we can understand from our activities when we are alone.

Labor reforms and land reforms are issues which can be explained under biasing concept. Here we are not discussing what are the issues and how can we sort them out. Here our focus is on biasness due to circumstances. When we listen to labor union arguments it looks like industries are suppressing labor rights and same will happen if we listen capitalist’s arguments like how labor laws are effecting the growth of industry and country. Similar thing can be applied to different ideologies and concepts. It is not correct to brush out one side to support other side,, without strong conviction and belief in what they are doing they can’t argue in such a voracious manner.
Raj had made a bold statement. In this world most selfish and selfless person is mother. She is a selfless person because she does not think about herself. She is most selfish person because she always thinks about her children and family. Under such context he said that as a son he likes his mother but as a human being he hates his mother. This clearly tells us we always need to differentiate and keep aside our emotions to judge anything otherwise it will lead to many conflicts.

China’s growth model  

We often here china’s growth is possible due to some factors like china’s authoritarian rule, centralized decision making , export incentives and early opening of its economy in 1978. Although Centre plays a key role in policy making, in rural areas china allowed sufficient autonomy. There is a so much focus on rural development. there is a linkage between farmers, agriculture development and rural enterprises. Rural development through rural technology, focus urban peri- urban areas, joint ventures and incentives to rural innovations, development of rural market, monitoring the rural urban migration. Due to rural technology and farm mechanization agriculture and labor productivity increased many folds. Govt has introduced many schemes for social welfare. Govt also helps in supplying raw material, chemical fertilizer, energy, iron and steel. Private ownership of land also encouraged.

All these measures make china’s rural areas more developed almost 50% china’s growth is possible due to rural development. India has to learn a lot from china. Govt has recently announced smart cities mission to address the urbanization problems. The overall attitude towards the rural areas is lackadaisical nature. Govt always trying to make farmers more dependent on govt. through subsidies and other benefits. What we need is development of entrepreneurship in rural areas. Infrastructure should be developed. There is a huge scope for food processing industries, rural bpos and software companies, and rural industrial products. Capitalization of agriculture is also needed to attract the future generation into agriculture, otherwise agriculture may face crisis as nobody showing interest on agriculture. In other fields their sons are taking up the same profession unfortunately farmers sons are not taking up farming profession, not even thinking about it.  In the case of lower caste situation is too horrible, there is not at all entrepreneurship, all schemes mostly  make them more dependent on govt and upper caste people, this is one of the major reason why still so much poverty and unemployment present in lower caste and lower sections of society. National scheduled caste Finance and Development Corporation is there to fund entrepreneurship but most benefits go to upper class SC section. Urgent need is govt should increase its spending in creating infrastructure and implement PURA in right letter and spirit.

Mother is a most patriotic 

There are some discussions among students who is more patriotic or what is a patriotic act. Some people consider military service is a patriotic act so joins military to sacrifice their lives. To Raj Patriotic act is doing their duty. In such context mother tries to do her duty perfectly. If any country is suffering from any problem it is a failure of somebody’s duty. If a child becomes a criminal mother does not perform her duty, if a student attacks a girl teacher fails in his duty to inculcate values, this is applicable to every field, sometimes even enlightened self- interest is also a patriotic act. When Raj goes to Chennai as a software engineer he meets a house broker to get a room, On the said time, broker unable to arrange a room, then broker arranges a big hotel for Raj accommodation for 3 days and arranges the room. When Raj asks why, he says “Enlightened business interest” If behaves in a proper manner for their own good also helps in nations growth.

Dumb shell game
People are playing dumb shell game. Other person has to act like Gandhi then he bent his position like holding stick and gives pose like an old man wear spectacles. Other person predicted very easily it was Gandhiji. May be we need to be happy he predicted Gandhiji easily, but at the same time important question comes, in what way you remember Gandhiji is. There is a paradox about Gandhiji many people know about Gandhiji but at the same time very few understand what Gandhiji’s ideology. People relate Gandhism with delay process, idealistic principles, Veg, showing other side of cheek if somebody slaps you at one side, non-violence as passivity or inaction. When somebody is not giving money people tell that it went to Gandhiji’s account.
Scholars are still researching on Gandhiji and exploring new resources to know more about gandhiji , in that process what they are missing is they are not focusing much on what gandhiji and how it will help in understanding and solving present day problems. All our present day problems are still exist due to non-implementation of his principles in letter and spirit. We always give more focus to letter but not spirit.  We need to see many issues from Gandhian perspective, how his approach helps in solving our problems. There is so much violence present in people’s mind and activities. Nowadays people give more importance to non -violence in physical activities. But Gandhiji’s non-violence is  ill will should be absent against others, it means you should not think about harming others. For Gandhiji truth is god which is end, non-violence is means to realize the end, God(truth).

They are many incidents of religious intolerance happening all over the world. Gandhiji offers solutions. He has taken all good element from all religions, for e.g. fasting, taking vows, from Jainism, Love the enemy, no ill will against others, show other cheek somebody slaps, truth- from Christianity. Students should be taught about all religions since childhood.

Incidents like police ask for bribe, schools often ask for more money than what they say at joining, in many other instances we often witness evil activities. Here Gandhi helps he never submitted to British evil acts. This kind of defiance should be learnt from him.

At the time most of talk was about group strength. Gandhiji believed in the strength of Individual character. Out of this belief, he proposed satyagraha which depends more on strength of individual to sacrifice. Gandhiji’s satyagraha is based on the principle of everybody is good. When somebody hits you, if you hits back they will not invoke their goodness, they will attack again. When you don’t hit, first they will confuse and repents because all are inherently good. This invoking goodness in people varies from person to person. For that we need to sacrifice. Through our pain and suffering we need to invoke and awaken other person’s goodness, in this process one may die, everyone should ready for it.

Gandhiji’s definition to violence is poverty is, the worst form of violence, brings out our attention, removal of poverty is needed to wipe out violence from the society.

Gandhiji’s role as an opposition when congress was in power tells us healthy dissent is necessary in democracy, without dissidence democracy is destruction.

Many of political problems can be solved through sense of humor. Now days politicians are lagging in that, so there was always tense atmosphere. Gandhiji had huge sense of humor, surely current politicians have to learn from Gandhiji to increase their persuasive skills and to smoothen the parliament functioning.

There are many times we feel sad for others words, actions, comments. We believe that they are disturbing us. Actually nobody can harm us without our permission, It is us by taking comment to the heart started feeling sad, when we don’t allow nobody can hurt or influence in a bad way.

When Winston churchil met Nehru, He asked Nehru, “Do you hate me?” , Nehru replied ,” we never hate anybody”,Then churchil said,” you Indians conquered hate and fear”. Same dialogue happened between Churchill  and Vijayalaxmi pandit, when her husband killed in police station. These dialogues brings out greatness of Gandhiji. He always propogands “hate the sin not the sinner”. This conquest of hate and fear is required for civil servants, now a days civil service is suffering from many evil activities. Root cause is unable to overcome hate and fear. Knowing more about Gandhiji helps to overcome this problem.

Self Harm: When Vijaya laxmi pandit was leaving for London, she met Gandhiji. She had problem with her husband family members, Gandhiji asked her ,did you talk with them. She said, no. Gandhiji said in this way, by not talking with them you are increasing your anger on them, it is not harming them, but it will harm you and affects your work also. To respect Gandhiji’s word, she met them. After that she felt so happy and feels inner peace.

This whole episode teaches us many things in our personal lives. By developing anger against others we are harming ourselves. Just talk with your enemy, forgive your enemy it will gives lot of happiness and peace. After all Strong person only can forgive, who will mind if weak person forgives.

Some people feel honor by humiliating others. But that honor is fictious. How a person feels honor if others are suffering. God has clearly understood this and made human beings dependent persons. All our emotions depend on others.   A girl will not feel happy for wearing a sari, she feels happy if someone compliments it, A person will not be happy for securing 1st rank in civil services, if everybody appreciates him then only he feels happy, A person can’t laugh or cry on his own, there must be a reason for it, the reason will create only by interaction with others. If you want to be happy you must make people around you happy.

What makes Gandhiji different from others? Does any extraordinary quality Gandhiji possess?  He does not possess any extraordinary qualities. His meaning  of honesty is different from others. Believing in something, not following is a dishonest. When he read unto this last by Ruskin, he came to conclusion that everybody should do agriculture, immediately he started Phoneix farm. After reading Thoreau’s civil disobedience, he believed in it, so he followed it. In our daily life, we believe in many things, but we won’t do them, for e.g. many people know that brushing teeth twice is good, how many are practicing it? This is where we need to learn from Gandhiji.

Gandhiji travels a lot to know the ground reality, he is so accessible, he directly communicates with many people through letters and meetings. This has more relevance in present day society some officials believe themselves as semi-gods and don’t meet people, don’t travel to know the ground realities.

People have different definitions to happiness. For some, achieving what they desire gives happiness, for others doing sacrifice gives happiness, for Gandhiji, happiness is a synchronization of thought, speech, action. This interpretation tells many things. People visit many places to seek happiness. Without realizing what brings real happiness, people crave for materialism, money. There is so much incoherence in Politicians speeches, actions. If they realize they deprived their happiness due to this incoherence they may change their attitude.

People often think to start a new political party, but with efficiency we can bring change by using existing institutions. Gandhiji never thought of launching a political party because he knows how to mold the existing party to bring change in the society.

From Gandhiji we need to adopt optimism, positive outlook.  When Gandhiji was about to board train, he lost one of his shoes. As train started he could not get down to get the shoe. IF any other person was there he started abusing all people involved in the episode like train driver, or total railway system. Gandhiji immediately threw away other shoe near to fallen shoe, so that at least they would useful to others.

Gandhiji is an institution builder. In south Africa he had started Indian natal congress, Tolstoy home, Phoneix farm and many others. Even in India , many institutions started by him. He always focus on institutions even for a small thing he makes sure it has institution.  Present circumstances are moving towards authoritarianism, not respecting Institutional integrity. History has enough examples where great people became corrupted due to lack of institutional integrity.

There is a doubt among many scholars how Gandhiji could mobilize masses? Gandhiji had abruptly stopped many movements Like NCM, CDM, why still people followed him during quit India movement.  There is a simple logic, whenever any person says something  people search for the reason-why he  is saying- if they convince that he is not saying for his own benefit people will obey his words- Same thing happened in the case of Gandhiji. Gandhiji’s selflessness is the root cause of his popularity.

Nowadays many people complain that masses always vote for corrupted parties, honest people take excuse by saying these statements. But they need to learn techniques from Gandhiji , how could he mobilize without distributing money, liquor.

Need to read Gandhiji’s seven sins to understand his philosophy. 1) politics without principles 2) Science without humanity  3) Worship without sacrifice 4) wealth without work 5) Knowledge without character 6) Pleasure without conscience 7) commerce without morality. No need to explain their relevance in present context as they are more visible and clear.

When Raj asked a Gandhian “Please tell the names of Gandhiji’s sons?”, he could not tell.  Then Raj realized the greatness of Gandhiji. He never encouraged dynasty politics. He had announced his successor as Nehru. Nehru opposed Gandhiji many times and in many ways. If he wanted he could easily choose a person who is more loyal to him. He kept his interest below national interest. He chose Nehru because he had talent, knowledge and broad view of society than others so he chose him though he disagrees with Nehru in many aspects.  Present day politicians have to learn from Gandhiji in this aspect.

Gandhiji’s definition to stealing is also peculiar. He believes that stealing is not that you steal things from others, he says if you have anything more than your needs, you are a thief. In that context, he proposed trusteeship concept, as god is the owner, capitalists are only trustees of god properties.

Gandhiji’s definition to customer has more relevance, civil servants has to follow when they treat citizens.

He has got it from Elliot, “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.”

                                                 Civil servants can follow same kind of approach and attitude while dealing  with citizens. Every civil servant should learn from sales men. When we visit a shop sales men use all means to sell the product and tries to satisfy him in possible ways. Civil servants also should give respect to citizens and use all means to sell the govt. services in best possible manner.

                                                     Nowadays we believe that following morals is not practically possible. To attend  the college on time we break traffic rules, or to do one good thing we do two wrong things. Gandhiji followed morals even during British rule. He gave more importance to means than ends. He sacrificed  Independence at the cost of right means.  We all need to rethink why it is not possible to follow morals in our own rule?  The reason is we all afraid to go out of our comfort zone or not ready to make sacrifices.

                                                   Living simple life, express opinion on every aspect of life, in doing action rather saying words, respecting others opinion if it is better than him, Gandhiji teaches many things to current generation.

                                                    Raj asks a person who comes to his house to invite for marriage, “ Why are getting married so early”, he replies,” My mother alone has  to do all work, and I can’t control my sexual desires”. This is not happening in everywhere,  but the issue is serious even it present somewhere. This example reveals the men attitude of wife as unpaid prostitute and unpaid worker.

             Gandhiji has treated his wife as equal, in initial days  he had shown patriarchal attitude, later on by realizing the importance of wife he took Brahmacharya, this is not to say everybody should take brahmacharya but we need to see wife beyond work and sex.

                                     Gandhiji’s idea of slavery is more relevant in present context. People may ask what is necessity of discussing slavery as it was abolished many years ago ? But slavery has just transformed its form not extinct in nature. We often witness people use security guards to bring wine, beer, or cigarettes. Sometimes we see home workers clean shoes of house owner.  Security guard work is to protect the house, why he is asked to bring wine or some other thing? House worker work is to clean house not shoes? The reason behind this somewhere we are not recognizing them as workers like you, they are equal as you, they are also contributing to nations progress.   The need of the hour is, for society  as lawyer is important, as worker or cobbler equally important. Dignity of labor should be respected ,when such attitude prevails no one ask house cleaner to clean shoes or any other work than specified.

                                                     AS this chapter contains only good things about Gandhiji it does not mean that Gandhiji never did any wrong thing. They were many but this is not  the right place to discuss them.  When Raj asked a question, Why do you like Gandhi, a Gandhian replied,” I do agree Gandhi had made many mistakes, but behind every action there is a thought, that thought should be pure and honest, we should not judge any person based on his actions, but on his  thoughts, in that context, Gandhiji is great”.

Don’t go away 
While announcing the break a newsreader asks us don’t go away. This has lot of relevance in present context. When we go Barber shop he asks us to recommend for our friends, when you go to any other shop sometimes they ask to refer to friends, many movie websites also have same thing. Instead of focusing on work why we always beg others. People may link with marketing strategy. Yes there is a need of marketing but for that there are some methods. For a movie teaser and trailer and some other movie making videos are there, no need to say this movie is great or wonder, we just need to say what is the movie, people will say how is the movie. Same thing is applicable everywhere a newsreader no need to say don’t go away , tell the news in interesting and innovative way, people will not go. A barber has to do good and different hair style, he does not need to ask, by seeing this hairstyle his friends will ask the address of barber shop.

Beggar and Software

When Raj and Ram passes through a beggar , Ram refuses to give alms and later on comments that she does not have any disability she can work anywhere, look after her family. Raj has not interested in the truth of the statement. Then he says I don’t find any difference between you and beggar. Ram gets shocked and counters ‘hey i am a software engineer I earns 40000 per month how can you compare me with a beggar’. ‘You are thinking in terms of earning I am saying in terms of exploiting the potential’
Ram: how?
Raj: If beggar works she can earn 5000 per month , you are blaming her for not exploiting, you can earn 70000 per month if you do little hard work, it means loss occurs with your unexplotation is more than beggar, My friend who is working as a software teaches at weekends, takes online classes and gives coaching to aspirants
Ram: I think he has more interest in money so he is working hard, i am not interested in that.
RAj: See now a days it’s become a fashion to say this, i am not interested in money, people are taking excuses for not doing hard work. the issue is what you do with that money. He spends that money in good purpose.  Ram has not convinced with this and left the argument.

Now a day it becomes fashion to say i am not in rat race, some people have left paying jobs to do farming. we must understand that there are many people to do farming, if you want to do it make it as a hobby. When the country needs you, we must do some sacrifices . But at the same time we must not do job for the sake of money but for the sake of our complete exploitation so money will come. That money should be redistributed among poor people not our work.. Our country has many issues like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, To solve this issues only one solution, ” If we fill the gap between what we are doing and what we are capable that will solve all our problems”. This is not about only software, every person should work till he reaches complete utilization of himself with selfless interest.

What religion and epics teach us??

Religion means which combine together, for some others religion is a way of life. People always attribute Gandhi – show other cheek somebody slaps at one cheek- but it was first propounded by Jesus. Love your enemy, never show ill will against anybody, all are great principles propounded by Jesus. The great quality of Jesus when roman governor crucifying him he prays to god ” These people are ignorant please forgive them”. A person was there, who could forgive the people who were killing him, why we are unable to forgive people for small mistakes?  Shintoism in Japan teaches us to respect old people and puts more emphasis on ancestor worship. Scholars believe that this has its role in radicalizing people pre world war period. Buddhism teaches us detachment, if anybody can do so he will truly enjoy the life. Other than that Buddhism teaches desire is the root cause of all problems. It also proposes 8 ways to achieve moksha. These are like right livelihood, right action, right meditation and son on , all have great relevance in the contemporary society. The main philosophy of Buddhism is everything is impermanent- which tells us both success and failure are impermanent. Jainism teaches triratna-Right action, Right faith, Right knowledge- and also there are multiple truths – every person may think and see things from different perspective and he feels different truth. This concept has a great relevance in present intolerant society where people think that only what they believe is true. Judaism teaches us value for physical labor . In the quick progress of Israel in a short span, Judaism and its principals played a tremendous role. Islam teaches equality and brotherhood. Charity is part of its 5 core principles. Protestants give huge importance to work.  There is a criticism about Islam and Hinduism which have degraded the value of labor  so it has lot of negative impact on society and people consider doing work is the job of low caste and increased laziness.  Zoroastrianism teaches us purity. They will not bury their dead bodies as they think it will pollute the earth so they keep them at the top floor of house so eagle or other birds may eat the dead body. They also give more importance to fire, almost all their activities are related to fire in one or other way as they consider fire is a pure element. Sikhism teaches equality, community languars and charity, hard work(no beggar in sikhs), not given much importance to idol worship, rituals , vegetarianism. God is nirakar and guru is necessary for moksha and 5 symbols.  Catholics Christians focus more on internationalism. Taoism is more similar to Ajivikas. Charakas proposes materialism rather spiritualism.

Ramayana is more about conflict between vaishnavism and shaivism as Rama is a incarnation of vishnu and Ravana is a bhatka of Shiva. There are many things to learn from it. Sita is great inspiration to generations of women in maintaining purity. Rama’s obedience to his father and wife, brother relationship has great relevance in present society where people always fight for assets. People always forget about bharatha who had left the throne for his brother and ruled behalf of his brother. Guru-shishya relationship  between Rama and hanuman as a great symbol of trust and mutual care. Even from Ravana, though he abducts sita he never touches her as she refuses.  In Mahabharata there is separate chapter dedicates to teach morals “Shantiparva”. The main motto of Mahabharata is “kingship knows no kinship”. The morals come from the Bhagavad-Gita. it teaches detachment, do duty for the sake of duty without worrying about results, renunciation in action. These principles have great relevance we often worry about results even before writing, and people always expect in return for whatever favor or work they have done.  There are some scholars who argue that Mahabharata mostly preaches violence  rather moral values. Moral taking is all about the person. A son does not smoke as he frustrates with his father behavior another case son says as my father doing I am simply following. In a movie if violence is there we need to understand if we follow violence we will perish at last. People consider Ram gopal varma’s movies are most violent if we look closely in the ending mostly those who practice violence will die, in a way he is most message oriented film maker. Nothing lies in cinema or in any other thing everything lies in our grow up, maturity, and acceptance of new ideas.

VLC player and linux

The expenditure on health is very low, only 1.5 % of GDP . Mostly private sector offers services in the health sector.  Even though national health policy recommended  2.5% of GDP of budget expenditure still it is not sufficient to meet the needs of people, besides govt not ready to spend 2.5% of GDP. At the same time it is not correct to depend on private sector alone. So there is scope for PPP model in health sector. Apart from this, “honey bey network” and open source drug discovery are also innovative methods which have vast potential to deliver drugs at low cost and sharing of knowledge without worrying about patents. Human genome project was a replica of world co-ordination, such kind of projects should come in other areas of research also so that it will help in curing many incurable diseases.  VLC player and Linux operating system also developed through open source so no patent is there that’s why we can see everywhere VLC player.

comments/Ideas/ stories

Omkara movie: Raj often wonders why love marriage fails. They know each other strengths and weaknesses before marriage, by knowing everything they get married, do they know new things after marriage about  each other? Mainly there are two reasons for failure of love marriages. 1) Before marriage they often meet in park or some other public place most of the times they act to please each other requirements. After marriage they have to live together , there is no much scope for acting , one or other instance they will come to know the true character of others. Many lovers commented that they come to know many new things about each other after marriage. The solution is every person should go tour with his lover before marriage Surely tour will teach many new things and provides an opportunity to know each other in better way.

2) Second reason is the consequence of love(perceived love not true love) is secret meetings, talks. It means love generates rebel ness in both people. They lie to family members, cheat other friends and society, and sometimes they have to fight with parents to get married. Sometimes they elope. All these rebel characteristics generate during and after love. It is very simple logic that when a girl cheated her father for you, same logic applies after marriage also.  She may fight with you for some other thing after marriage. Same with Boys case also. On this sensitive plot Omkara (Ajay Devgan Starrer) film made with different screenplay.

Isreal-Palsteine conflict:   A photo journalist has taken the photos of palesteins in twisted form, meaning different expressions of face. He has shown all photos to many Israelis. None of the Israelis predicted who are in photos. Surprisingly they said that all are Israelis. Same example is also seen in PK movie. Just by adding some extra beard people could not identify who he is. These are the best examples to realize all differences are created by people not by god or nature. John rauls in his social choice theory says that “ In a enquiry he  asked many people about what kind of society they want , both rich and poor people tell him they want to enter into a world where there is no discrimination, where opportunities are equal, where everybody is equal- he surprised to listen from poor people as he expects they may ask for  more wealth”.

Why Tata Nano Has failed:
When Raj thinks about why Tata-nano has not penetrated much, beyond technical reasons, they might have not thought psychological attitude of car buying people, they buy car for luxury status, whey they buy it people may comment on it cheaply. Instead if they prepare 10000 bike may be result would be different.

Star-fan interaction:  Fan: Sir I am a big fan of you I have watched your recent movie it’s a good movie.
Star: Oh thanks
Fan: But sir I watched in piracy as it is not in theaters
Star: (Puzzled and disappointed)
Fan: Sir actually I stay in Australia so i don’t have other option except to watch in piracy, I invested 1500rs to watch the movie on first day in piracy.
Star: (mixed response)
Fan:  I have taken money from my father’s pocket clandestinely  which he supposes to spend for my sisters health.
Star: (Disappointed expression)
Fan: Sir actually we are rich people my father has lot of money in the bank.
Star: (Relaxed)

In life also every time we know only half of the truth there is no need to excite for our success or no need to depress for our failures. When a person don’t selected for a small company is only half statement, as he was not selected here later he gets a job in MNC company.  The problem is our approach towards employment.  We believe that we only need a job so fear and tension appear on the face of aspirants. we always need to remember one thing we need a job at a same time that job also need a person.

Vietnam War: Motivators to inspire students tell that a small country like Vietnam had won war against U.S. This is not only wrong interpretation but also create over confidence among people. The truth is when U.S tried to keep hegemony over Vietnam, Vietnam had restrained U.S with their Patriotic strength. When U.S tried to occupy Vietnam, they successfully stopped it.


SAARC as a Idea: We often listen SAARC is a failure. When you judge anything we should not judge it based on execution or output but we should judge whether idea is good or not?  SAARC is a gradual economic integration from free trade of south Asian countries to improve the relations. It is great idea, instead of saying SAARC as a failure, we should focus more, to find out the faults in execution, how to yield results out of the great idea.


Recall: Some scholars like Shashi Taroor has recommended ‘recall’ is a best option to make politicians accountable. With due respect, he has  not understood the impact of recall option.  Best example is nuisance created by Imran Khan in Pakistan, he tried to destabilize the democratically elected govt. Even opposition parties also rejected his movement and ideas. From this example we can understand what  kind of disastrous consequences it could bring to India , in which many vested interests will go to any extent to grab political power.  When people listen to those speeches they think that it is the best solution to wipe out political corruption. However, no one will implement these ideas in administration, with frustration, people may attract towards extremist groups.


Shane Warne and Virat Kohli: Virat Kohli recently criticized media for not respecting his personal space. Shane Warne also lamented on Australian Board for considering his personal affairs ( he has some illegal affairs with girls) while choosing Captaincy.  Recently Justice Sathasivam also said , he had not done anything wrong , he considered governorship is another way to serve the country. These three incidents reveal one thing. They try to separate their public life from private life.. That was a great mistake.

Here again Gandhiji helps us. In Madhura , a person questions him, you says use only khadi, but it is too costly to buy, how can we follow your words? Immediately he removed his shirt and maintains only with lion cloth till his death. When you become a public personality you should sacrifice your private life, because in India people will connect with public figures emotionally. We can’t see kind of fan following enjoyed by politicians, movie heroes, sportsmen anywhere in the world. By connecting emotionally they are giving so much love , with the same emotion they are expecting you to be moral in private life also.

This case is more applicable to civil servants. They always consider private life and public life also. Civil service aspirants drink and smoke still they are aspiring to do service. This is completely false understanding of society. What we need is anybody who becomes a public figure or who aspires to become a public figure should sacrifice his personal interests, he should behave in ethical manner even in personal life also. In public service not only you are honest, seems to be honest is also important. Maintaining positive public perception about civil servants is utmost duty, for that private ethics are very crucial. Conferring Bharat Ratna on Sachin should not see only from the perspective of achievement but his personal conduct played equally importance role.


Where can we learn: Raj has observed among many civil service aspirants who are not taking help of others due to egoistic attitude? They consider they are seniors when compare with other persons, others may downgrade them, all these things are stopping them to learn new things. There classification is seniors and juniors. But real classification is known people and unknown people.  If 3rd  class child knows anything better than us, we should ask him. This author comes to know about point circle from a child, he has changed authors perspective about education.


Since childhood due to movies and our teachers narrow interpretation, we have developed negative attitude towards British rule. Under severe pressures from the movement, British administrators had managed very well, and continued their role for 200 years. Administrators have to learn many things from British. For e.g. Cornwalis was a great administrator.  We need to learn many things from them from administrative perspective. After Independence there was a discussion whether to continue ICS or not, at the time an ICS officer commented, If we could work under British rule and brought out results, how effective work we could do under Indian administration” clearly tells us the necessity of learning of British from administrative perspective.


Civil servants and wives

Civil servants and wives are similar in certain aspects. Raj has questioned what civil servants are doing?  There are similar doubts expressed by many husbands what wives are doing? Importance of both could be understood only when there is a crisis. When everything is going well law and order is good , public transport is good, in home room is clean, food is ready on time, husbands can work happily they will not realize. Once crisis comes the immediate question, what these civil servants are doing? Same thing is applicable to wife.
Africa: India and china’s approach: India through ITEC trains Africans in technology and other employment oriented programs. China focuses more on infrastructure like roads, communications as they have money. If there is a repair in any equipment our approach is train African national to do that work, Chinas approach is call Chinese expert who lives in china.
Driver: Driving is the most difficult job. If a driver says he is careful because so many lives depend on his carefulness. in that way if PM is in vehicle he can’t drive the vehicle. A driver should get carefulness from the belief of passengers. Passengers believed him so from that faith he should derive strength and should move on.
Thief: If any thief says that he is not fear of police may be he is not a right thief. A thief should fear of police and if police captures the kind of torture should make him fear . The carefulness should come from the fear of police torture.


China one child policy :

The diagram is about four generations of child, now a days we don’t get time to look after our own parents, see from that diagram the fourth generation child has to look after(responsible for) 14 of his family.  Just imagine after 10 years if he dies , who will take care about their ethnicity( now a day’s people are very much bother about their ethnicity who are us, where are from , who are our ancestors, , if we see present day politics people will vote to their  own caste even though they don’t have any relationship because they feel that they all belongs to one family earlier. With technological developments in health sector life expectancy  increased up to 100 years, so old people  are facing psychological problems, It could be the one of reasons why china govt. has opted out of one child policy  apart from demographic crisis which makes china uncompetitive  in the international market.

Cook story: Raj cook’s said that she is a second wife to her husband , when he asked why, she said her husband had 3 years old daughter to look after then Raj asked what was your age then? She said, 13.
Hard work& Success :  Raj  went to Kelambakam Govt. high school(Tamil Nadu)  to meet Head master. ‘Hi sir, I want to teach English and Math’s to 9th and 10th standards,  I don’t want money , Please give me an opportunity’ Raj requested him.  He dint give Raj any chance, more disappointing thing was, he ridiculed Raj vehemently.  People say that Success will follow hard work. But Raj wants to say People will follow Success.   Do you know why we read about Asoka even today?, you  may think that he left war, preached Dharma, non-violence. Many people did so. The fact is Asoka was the only Ruler in the world who left war after winning the war. I strongly believe that if Asoka lost war on Kalinga, If he followed non-violence or peace no body would follow including his son and daughter. Whole world follow Asoka only because he had success on Kalinga war and then he preached Non-violence, Dharma.

Friendship:     About 5,000 years ago, people travel from one place to another place for 4 reasons; for food , for water, for  animals(hunting), another reason is to meet their friends.  They walk 50 to 100 kms to meet their friends.  Now a days , Friendship is a selfish act created to fulfill each other  needs. Just recall, How many of us attended if u come to know about friend’s father funeral, how many of us attended if the same friend thrown a party. You may think it is just because of distance. Just imagine, how many  of us will attend if he invites us to his marriage( at least one above the funeral count). The fact is when we attend the marriage or party we can share happiness, in other case we have to share sadness.  When anybody invites us to marriage or party, first question we ask, who is coming to the marriage, do you know why, we don’t have any interest to see his marriage or happiness. Our interest is we can meet all our friends at place, can have fun. When we go to new place, when we want to share our happiness, when we want to play, we need one trustable guy. So we created  a weapon called Friendship. Exceptions are everywhere.
Birthday Celebrations: Do you know why we celebrate birthdays? Every human being wants to catch everybody’s attention at least for one day. Politicians will automatically catch on Election Day, Cinema people will catch on movie release, Sports men will catch on Live matches. Then what about normal people like us who can’t achieve anything? The remedy is Birthday celebration, on that day everybody wish them, special cake cutting, Special recognition for one day in the team or college. Raj concludes that this concept  came from our selfish act to make us celebrity for one day.  Most strangely Raj has met many people who questioned him ‘ you dint wish me last year, at least do it this year. One more point we can add the day we celebrate is not actually our birthday, that time almost we are 9 months old. Please try to find out the day fetus is formed in Mother’s Womb that makes you more special.

Marriage: If you want to drive Vehicle on the road, we need Driving License. If you want to have sex with a girl officially you need a license called ‘Marriage’. One of Raj  friends (girl) told him ‘ When I was having sex with my husband I don’t find any difference between me and prostitute. Prostitutes have sex with people by respecting money even though they don’t like them. I also had with my husband by respecting my marriage even though I don’t have interest’. More on this topic in other chapter “what Kamsutra teaches us”
Girls& Women:  God has given one great quality to girls, i.e Hiding their feelings. Raj has seen my girls who dint share her true feelings even with her best friends. But he has never seen a boy like this .  Few days ago, one of Raj friends Divya called jom over phone ‘ Hi Raj, 14th February is my marriage, you should come’
‘Divya, it’s a good news , I am so happy, but my Project Lead  is so strict, I have to ask his permission, I will try to  come’
‘But Raj, I am so happy if you come, but don’t except my presence at your marriage’ Divya said shockingly.
‘What?’ Raj questioned her in angst.
‘Before marriage I can do whatever I want but after marriage I have to take my husband’s permission, I have to take my in-laws permission, I mean to say somewhat difficult’ Divya said.
Then Raj realized about pathetic condition of girls. After marriage all boys are keeping  their friendship and relationships strong. But every girl is trying to adopt boys family friends & friends as her friends.
Raj infers that most of Indian girls are living for the sake of others not on their likes and interests. To get rid of that Ayan Rand has said in a statement “ Neither ask others to live for yours sake nor live for the sake of others”
Raj did some research on this issue to find out the root cause. Raj found out some interesting facts. If you draw a line on life span ,every girl is thinking about before marriage and every boy is thinking about after marriage. To dramatize this point , when an unemployed girl goes to her father and says ‘I want to marry’ Immediately her father ask s‘ who is that guy, what is the salary, how many acres land they have , their name and fame in the village’ . If any unemployed boy goes to his father  and says ‘ I want to marry’ Immediately he asks ‘ Marriage, how do feed your wife, you are expecting money even after marriage, who will feed your children’ . We are not seeing whether the girl is settled or not , we always ensure girls have dependency on boys. Raj has seen many boys are unmarried because of unemployment. But Raj ha never seen a girl unmarried because of only unemployment.  In Anais Nin words, “How wrong is it for a woman to expect  the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself?”.
Innocence:    Innocent people do not know about their innocence. They think that they are also living like normal people. Please don’t believe if somebody acknowledges that I am an innocent because if he is able to understand about innocence , he will try to change or alter. But Innocence is a god’s gift. Everybody will undergo this stage at his childhood. Everybody likes innocence that is why we love children. We often hear from many boys mouths “ I like my girlfriend’s innocence”.

Love and Respect: ( here I means Raj)   Few days ago, a girl Proposed me. I asked her “ What made you fancy?”
“You have a job, you don’t drink, you don’t smoke, you always makes me laugh by cracking jokes, I don’t find any reason to reject, no wonder if any girl likes you”
“Do you have any problem if I say my opinion after one day” I asked her. She said ‘ok’.
I took one more day extra time, I met her with my friend “ See, actually He is the right person for you, you know he also does not drink, he also has job, more salary than me, you know he is a very big comedian, he also acted in two short films as a comedian, why don’t you marry my friend?’
‘Raj, what are you talking about?’ She questioned me.
‘See you love my habits not me’ I said.
‘You are sick, go to hell, bye’
I have asked my friend “After you fall in love how many times did you fight , how many times did you share happiness”
He said me that “First case is more than second”.
My point is, in present day world 90% of lovers are actually not lovers. They just felt so. I heard in many discussions that many love marriages are failed, but very few arranged marriages only failed. So arranged marriage is good.  But the fact is there is no love in that love marriage. If they come to know about this fact before marriage that is called ‘Break up’ if they come to know after marriage that is called ‘Divorce’. Love marriages will never fail. If it fails it is not a love marriage. Why I put title is Love and respect? I personally feel love always come with respect. Just recall, when a guest come to our house, in what way we show respect on him, when you try to trap a girl , in what way we give respect, but this respect gradually falls down once you feel that -she is my lover or wife, she can’t go anywhere. When the respect falls down love also falls down. Treat your lover as a special guest even if you meet every day, treat your wife as a guest every day, try to surprise her every day you will feel the difference.
Neither seek nor search for reason in love, it should be reasonless and illogical. In our regular words “love is blind”.

Second aspect of love is sacrifice. Raj friend Harshini continuously talking over phone by not bothering about him.  After some time, as usual she said, sorry. Later on she added, ‘we both love each other very well, so we have to talk ‘. Then Raj questioned ‘there is no love in your relation you people are mutually satisfying each other’s happiness. As you feel happy if you talk with him, so you are talking, as he feels happy by talking with you ,so he does, just imagine if he talks about some unpleasant things , will you listen?, you know that he is preparing for the exam, still you are expecting his time, without bothering how it effects his studies’. True love is sacrifice; even though you feel happy by talking with him you should sacrifice it for his progress. Similar case is applicable to family also. If family expect your time during your exams or at important work, It is not love, it is their selfish act.
Failure: ( I means Raj)
‘Mr.Raj, your %ages till 12th standard were more than 90%, but your B.E is just above 60%. What is your explanation’ TCS HR asked a question in my interview.
‘if a director made 1 flop movie after 10 successful hits, it does not mean that he has lost his capability of film making, he just made wrong decision he may make his 12th movie as a big hit; likewise, by observing my 10th and 12th standard marks, it is known that I am a capable person, in engineering I made some mistakes in taking decisions. It does not mean that I lost my capability, it just mean that I dint utilize my capability by making wrong decisions. Now, I found out my mistakes if I get a chance I am ready to show my potential’.
Failure means decision making fault. Don’t think that we lost all our capability.

Boasting & Simplicity:( I means Raj)
I like boasting and hate simplicity. Just think, If Rajni Kant says’ I did nothing, everything is done by Director Shankar , whole credit should goes to him’ Do you think that immediately all Rajni Kanth fans feel that’ Rajni Kanth is nothing everything is done by Shankar only, Shankar only great, no need to put cut-out for Rajni Kanth, ready Shankar Cut-out’, will they change their fan club name from Rajni to Shankar. I hope your answer no. that means he is increasing his fan club by getting sympathy. Don’t think that I am against to Rajni, I am a big fan , it’s just an example. So whoever boasting are lessening their fans, so I like boasting but against to exaggeration.

What is true respect:

Raj has given speech in his village. At last he said please concentrate on spoken English. Immediately a teacher questioned him, why you people are encouraging English, don’t you realize the extinction of many local languages and dialects? He continues; please respect our language and culture. He left the venue with eyes in tears. This is kind situations happen everywhere in India. With due respect on them, they need to change this conservative thinking. Telugu people can’t command respect by speaking Telugu only, if somebody is speaking in English, if you reply in Telugu, does not bring respect to either Telugu language or Telugu people. The real respect they can command if Telugu people give lecture on importance of Telugu culture in English, if other thinks that Telugu people not only speak Telugu but also other languages will fetch respect. What we need to shed is colonial mentality. Even though they know local language they speak English  and think  that English speaking is a great thing. When necessity of English is more, learning it or putting some effort means only for livelihood is not a wrong thing. Even saints understand this logic very well. All munis, babas speak English very well.

Money( I means Raj)

: I read somewhere “There are many valuable things than money, but If you want them you need money”.  “I always think about three things “Money, Money, Money””. These quotes exactly reflect people’s ideology about money. I don’t like anybody has problems with villains or rowdies as we see in movies. But our best villain is Money. I can say it can create problems between any two bodies either living or non-living. In my opinion we should consider money as a commodity. Because we don’t love any commodities, I don’t think anybody has 100 toothpastes at home, because it is just a commodity we don’t like to have more than necessary. But we are not following the same principle in the case of money. Many times I surprised why people are giving more value to money rather people because they forget one logic “Our thoughts can create money but can’t revive a death person”.
Leadership: What are the qualities required for a leader? 1) Sacrifice, even a criminal’s leader also should sacrifice 2) Ability to influence and mobilize people. 3) Selflessness 4) ready to take up new challenges 5) Ready to change opinion and to respect feedback of others 6) Always should have enthusiasm to learn new things and ready to know to about new technologies. 7) Never hesitate to take  tuff decisions when situation demands 8) Should have sound judgment skills for that one should know ground realities of every aspect of society. 9) Always do and think more than necessary 10) Accept responsibility for subordinate failures and give credit to their successes. 11) Genuinely praise others achievements 12) always accessible 13) Listen more, Speak less 13) Always focus on what they want 14) Ready to face worst criticism also.15) open minded, transparent, no secrets in any issue. 16) don’t seek excuses in failures 17) don’t focus on what is not in our hands 18) Always polite, should not lose temper at any cost 19) Action and result oriented rather speech oriented. 20) Should have emotional intelligence 21) Decision making very fast and accurate 22) Treat mistakes are lessons for future. 23) should have proper vision and mission to realize vision and that vision should be achievable and practical. 24) should be ambassador to persistence and patience. 25) should observe every development both positive and negative.  26) Should maintain highest integrity both personal and public life. 27) Achieve goals which others consider impossible. 28) put attempts to find out the successor during his life based on merit and talent rather encouraging his children. 28) ready to take risk if situation demands –In the total world no one become a leader without taking  risk. 29) should have positive attitude and future oriented 30) Never show authoritarian characteristics, more focus on institutional integrity and values, always tries to form consensus among supporters.
Angry & Sadness: Raj feels all the feelings are very costly and worthy items. Raj uses them very economically like how girls wear Costly Saris’, how a boy uses costly coat. All these feelings angry, sad, sorrow, sorry have some value. Please don’t degrade or defame them by using them more often and unnecessarily. Emotions also have emotions , they feel bored if we use them regularly.
Love &Lust( I means Raj):

When I was reading Gandhi’s Autobiography ‘My experiments with truth’  I puzzled  why Gandhi had mentioned about sex and lust many times. But I came to realize about it when I was become a victim of lust few months ago. After this  incident I realized why Gandhi said about it repeatedly. After reading Gandhi’s Autobiography and  Nehru’s ‘Glimpses of the World’ I came to one conclusion, in everybody’s life at one point of time Lust takes control over our body, but we should conquer it by love. We should suppress it to taste the real fruits love.
 Parent ship(I means Raj) 

I utterly dislike Indian Parent ship. many people in India feels that foreigners don’t know value of relations, they leave their children at early age. But, they are leaving their children to learn about life. I don’t think many Indian fathers are having love on their children, they are treating their sons as future investments, They need a person to protect their property, they need a trustable person to share their trade secrets, they need a person to look after them at their old age. They need a person to do their cremation works, other than that no father has affection on his son. You may question me u are wrong they are giving everything because they shared their blood with children. Then answer my questions “ why many people are going for adoption of children? Do they share their blood? Let say, in the hospital bed if their child is exchanged if they don’t know it, wont they provide all the facilities?
In India even after 30, many people depend on their parents but in America even before 30 they are creating wonders by inventing new technology or  by doing some other thing. In one way, Indian Parent ship is a major obstacle for our progress. Exceptions are everywhere.
 My perception about people & World & GodI I means Raj): 
I still don’t understand somebody says there is nothing in San Antonio , nothing in that book, nothing new in that movie. The fact is you took nothing from the movie, you took nothing from that book. The problem is from our side. To put in Anais Nin words “We don’t see the things as they are, we see them as we are”.
There is nothing called right or wrong, nothing called good or bad in this world. To elucidate this point, when flood comes it sweeps all coastal area and kills many people but it brings fine soil and mud which makes the land fertile and very useful in agriculture. One side Bacteria cause for harmful and incurable diseases another side it helps plants to absorb simplified nitrogen, Can anybody imagine the life without plants. Some people say that Jesus paved the way in the middle of ocean to save people(I forget chapter no. in Bible), Some people like Geologist say ‘ It might happen on dead sea in Israel, because this sea has more salinity, due to more salt  density of sea  is more,  people can float easily, there is no scope for magic or God’. I am not saying that one is correct and another is wrong we must leave this to People’s opinion and their beliefs.

Bethala question. In childhood we often hear about bethala question.  There is a dead body on the tree . Raja has to carry it somewhere, in middle bethala (devil) asks a question. If he answers the question dead body will reach the tree and he has to carry again, if he does not answer even though he knows the answer his head  will break into many parts. Raja never able to get rid of this cyclic exercise. why?? Somebody has questioned if raja does not know the answer, he can rid of this continuous cycle, there lies the whole issue.  Generally answer to all questions lies in our inner self. Thats why raja unable to get rid of it. Whole issue has lot of current relevance. When people say he has inspired a lot or i have learnt great from him, actually what we are not realizing is whatever he said is part of us, when it is not part of it we will not feel  the importance of it. People always give credit to other people for their learning , though it is good may not be correct. To learn a thing there are many resources, but how u are taking is more important or whether u are taking it or not is also important thing.

how to teach morals: A son steals money from father pocket(10 rs),  without knowing his father goes out to have tea. After some time he comes to the house and asks who steal the money. The son says he does not know. Father clearly knows that son is the chief. Without doing any physical arm, father says like this, by assuming that i have 10rs in the pocket i goes to tea stall and have tea and i don’t have money to pay , so tea stall owner degrades my character or may do any humiliation . I hope my son will not humiliate his father at any case. That son never take even a single rupee from the pocket not only that he stops speaking lies.

Real support: When Raj hears about anything that other IAS aspirants parents are more cardinal and supportive he feels disappointed, later on he realized that in others case there is no conflict between parents and children in his case even though his parents does not like  him to study civils still they support him which means his parents love him more than others.

Who drives the car
There was so much criticism from all parts of India when Pakistan court asked more proof to convict Lakvi. The comments are like Doesn’t the Pakistan court know who is culprit of 26/11 even a child knows. Before questing that we also need to question our courts. Even a child knows who drives the car in Salman Khan case then why high court discharged khan from all charges? Raj finds answer in the movie Jolly LLB, the judge says we come to know about the case and who is the culprit in the first hearing itself, but we will take care our personal opinion should not influence the judgment. so we wait for the proof to prove our personal opinion, many times proof doesn’t satisfy so we can’t convict criminals”

I have a dream

Raj wants to enter into the imaginary world” where people give respect to  people not on wealth basis but on strength of character, if seat is allocated to senior citizens young and healthy persons will not occupy, Petrol bunk employees give change , where there is a trust surplus between govt.and people, where hospitals will not cheat people by prescribing so many tests, where people give more importance to duties than rights, where people pay taxes properly, where there is no corruption, where more help givers than takers, where people are cautious when dealing with nature, Where bureaucrats give respect to politicians not because they are bosses but they are representatives of people,  Where politicians respect the autonomy and individuality of bureaucrats, where people follow traffic rules even traffic police is not there, where people have civic sense,  Where people will not afraid to question authority if they don’t follow the rules, Where govt main aim is people welfare, if people welfare conflicts with political interest they need to keep that aside, Where most acceptance(love) of other religions and communities rather tolerance, where capitalists follow gandhiji’s trusteeship, Where people think whatever extra money they have than their needs they consider it as Stolen money, and distribute among poor people, where people will not leave their parents at old age, Parents don’t live child at small age, Where people preach what they practice, practice what they preach, Where every person play the role of teacher at one point of their life and teaches what they have learned for long years,  Where countries respect the UN charter declaration, It goes on ”  here the issue  is all demands are very normal and practical why raj considers it as a dream. This is the real issue we need to ponder over.

Author’s Final words: Arguments are always based on knowledge.  A person says something with his knowledge; if other person does not know much he will agree with you, if he knows more than you he will create new arguments. All the arguments I have written are with my limited knowledge may not be correct. There are so many contradictions and paradoxes in arguments. The purpose is not to tell one correct thing that is required to transform India. Motive is to introduce different angles to understand the problem in a better way. In this process I have missed out many dimensions and aspects, whole theme behind writing this book is, it is the people and circumstances who decide the fate, so mostly written from the perspective of people.

WE often hear “Those days” theory. Those days culture is good, those days movies are good, those days actors are good, those days politicians are good. If we analyze any period closely each period has ups and downs to its kitty. There is nothing called ideal society. All periods have all kinds of people, intensity of wrong things may changes based on opportunities. Who knows if earlier people have better opportunities to deceit they might have done more.

As per Confucian words everything in the people’s hand, for e.g. A sons says he has taken oath to not to drink after seeing his father’s drinking habit and its bad impact on the family. His brother is a drunkard, as he thinks if his father is doing, it is not wrong, how could it become wrong if he does. Same family, same environment, same father, same habit—but two sons taken in two different ways.  That’s why I always blame people for any bad thing like misgovernance, corruption. As the quote says “yatha praja thatha Raja”

Second dimension of the book is to tell people what are the real problems? In many UPSC board interviews candidates say problems India face are poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, urbanization and so on. All these are consequences of some other problems. If we think consequences are problems we can never find a solution as problems themselves fictitious.

To sum up, what is needed to transform India—-Politicians should not spend money in elections, so they don’t need money from business men, so politicians will not create policies favor to business men, so no crony capitalism, so good capitalism, so govt. investment in social sector, so merit recognition, so  inclusive growth, so honest people enter into politics,  so inner party democracy, so inclusive politics.   Good leadership with no self-interest, bureaucrats with  passion to serve, Other lower level clerks with feeling of building of nation, civil servants give equal importance to private life ethics, Ethics become a regular feature of society rather exception, Proactive civil society, Welfare govt., Social capital complete utilization, exploiting the women potential to full level by providing proper facilities, getting rid of colonial mentality, zero tolerance  among people against corruption, exploring the potential of unexplored areas, adopt best practices wherever suitable, and establishment  of Village knowledge center by middle class employees.

Different people will interpret this book in different ways, but one interpretation I want to reemphasize. Role of middle class educated employed unbiased people. People with stomach empty can’t think of anything except food. Throughout the history middle class played a huge role in all major revolutions-French, Russia, America- In our freedom movement also middle class educated played a key role. This is the time for second independence movement against all evils of society to have good governance.  Govt. has announced youth policy 2015, the main feature is participation of youth in politics. Not only participation they have to know every nook and corner of politics. And they use that knowledge to influence the voting pattern of India. If they spend time on Facebook, YouTube unnecessarily no one can change India even if Gandhiji reborn.

When I ask Raj to give suggestion on how to end this book , he said he will explain the  case which explains the mentality  of Indian youth and their confusedness. When Raj asked a youth Gandhian, ’Are you a true Gandhian’ he replied ‘Yes I am a true and only Gandhian  in my village”, not believing in his words, Raj irritated him and continuously rejecting his claims, after 1 hour of heated discussion, he slapped Raj and said, “ I am a true and only Gandhian in this village”. Nothing explains better than this about the mentality of Indian society(including me). So I conclude.



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Addendum: Just added to refresh your mind.

  • Can we see the back side of moon?
  • What was Hitler’s girlfriend’s name?
  • Can we use alcohol in thermometer?
  • Who will use pressure cooker more (hill stations, plane stations)?
  • At what degree we can see all colors of kaleidoscope?
  • What is feminine gender for farmer?
  • ‘I am living in Chennai for 10 years’ is it correct grammatically?
  • Which state has most unemployment rate in India?
  • A man saw a girl at his father’s funeral, after two days he killed his sister why?
  • Are you a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian? Does it make sense?
  • A ship enters into sea from river. Does it sink or rise (compared to actual level)?
  • If you put a hot water and cold water in a refrigerator. Which water will freeze first?
  • Which mirror do we use for make-ups ?(concave or convex)
  • What principle made artificial satellites possible?
  • Can you abbreviate the word AD?
  • Who is the elder of lavakusha?
  • Which is the older epic (Ramayana, Mahabharata)?
  • Rain shape is spherical due to?
  • A body weight is more in Mumbai or Shimla?
  • Srilanka won the cricket world cup in 1996, Bangladesh defeated India in 2007 world cup and also obstructed India’s entry into quarter finals, Kolkata first time entered into semifinals in ipl-4. Can you guess the person behind these three incidents
  • If a wooden sphere and metal sphere of equal mass are dropped, which will reach first?
  • For a body to move in circle there must be force act on it towards its centre? What is that force?
  • Is 1800 a leap year?
  • How many ways can we attempt a question with four multiple choices?
  • Why should we say hello when we answer the phone?
  • Who will celebrate the new year first (India or Israel)?
  • ‘A force of 2 Newton’s is acting on body’ Does it make sense?
  • Sound travels fast in (air, solids, and liquids)?
  • Where can we swim easily (sea, river)?
  • Find out the Parallelogram from below figures:










1) Can we see the back side of moon?

  1. A) No you could guess the reason

2) What was Hitler’s girl friend’s name?

  1. A) Eva Braun (this is just to say Hitler has a great love story)

3) Can we use alcohol in thermometer?

  1. A) Actually we use mercury in thermometer why means its freezing temperature is -39C, where as cool places temperature may be lower than -39c to avoid freezing they use alcohol (its freezing temperature is -120c). Even we can use water in thermometer to measure temperature but water may freeze at 0C (particularly at cool places).

4) Who will use pressure cooker more (hill stations, plane stations)?

  1. A) The concept of pressure cooker lies with water boiling point. The water boiling point varies with atmosphere pressure. Due to high pressure in pressure cooker water boiling point will also high around 120c, so due to more heat in pressure cooker rice boils quickly. In hill stations pressure would be low so they need pressure cooker more when compare to Plane stations.

5)At what degree we can see all colors of kaleidoscope?

  1. A) 60degree

6)What is feminine gender for farmer?

  1. A) I can analyze this question in two ways 1)if i ask what is feminine gender for engineer you may say immediately it’s a profession how can you distinguish, but farmer is also a profession only then why should we distinguish, and we have an impression like farmer means men that means when we think about a farmer only men picture come to your mind unfortunately 83.6% women are engaged in various agricultural activities like seeding, weeding, harvesting, threshing that was the tragedy of women in India. 2) I have listened to many self introductory speeches given by many students they say ‘my father is a farmer my mother is house wife/homemaker/domestic engineer ‘here may be I have to touch psychology again when they say about their father they need Sympathy like he comes from poor family or by hard work but in the case their mother they feel shame or humiliation to say. Everyone talks about- farmer, farmer problems, we should proud of farmer- but no one makes his son as farmer including me.

7) ‘I am living in Chennai for 10 years’ Is it correct grammatically?

  1. A) answer is I have been living in Chennai for 10 years(present perfect continuous)

8)         Which state has most unemployment rate in India?

  1. A) Can anyone say which state has good literacy rate in India? yes ,answer is Kerala, so if we have more literate people we have to face this problem. That is the reason we have a rumor keralites work any where in the world except kerala(off course there are ). But I want to say one more point what is the definition of literacy, we have to look into that. Earlier days, if a person is able to sign his signature he will consider as a literate based on this analysis Kerala achieved 100% literacy rate. Anyhow now they changed the definition of literacy now if a person is able to read, write, and speak at least one language then he will consider as a literate. Here I would like to recall one more point about farmer’s suicides. Recently many states boasted that because of our agrarian polices we were able to reduce the count(report given by crime bureau). But my point is the count is reduced not by policies but they changed the definition of farmer suicide. Family members were so sad by that time, who will get interest to go to govt offices to get all those certificates (govt asked to submit more certificates then only they will consider that death under suicide)

9)A man saw a girl at his father’s funeral ,  after two days he killed his sister why?

  1. A) it was a question shot by famous psychiatrist to judge the criminal’s mind. Almost all criminals answered this question. If anyone is able to answer this question he should be a criminal or having criminal attitude ans. he expected her arrival to his sister’s funeral

10) Are you a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian? Does it make sense?

  1. A) I have been asked this question many times, if I say I am a non-vegetarian, does it mean that I don’t eat veg. we might have taken from hotel name plates they say that (veg &non-veg)they provide both, eventually we have taken those terms into our world. In my opinion we can say herbivores (who eat vegetables) and omnivores (who eat both vegetables and animals).

11) A ship entered into sea from river. Does it sink or rise(compare to actual level)?

  1. A) It rises why means sea water density is more when compared to river water (As per Archimedes principle, If you immerse a ball in a glass of water the volume of splashed water is equal to the volume of ball, likewise, when a ship enter into sea the water replaced by ship is equal to ship weight and sea water density is more when compare to river so less amount water will replace for ship weight in the sea)

12) If you put a hot water and cold water in a refrigerator.  Which water will freeze first?

  1. A) Hot water (As per Newton’s law of cooling)


13) Which mirror do we use for make-ups?(concave or convex)

  1. A) Concave, in vehicles we use convex to see the rear image I need to say quotation we can see 7 wonders of the world with our eyes, but we have to use the mirror or something else to see the 8th wonder world i.e. our face.

14) What principle made artificial satellites possible?

  1. A) If you throw a stone with certain velocity it will fall on earth (radius is less than earth), anyhow if you throw a stone greater than the earth radius it will never come back it will revolve around the earth. If you apply the same principle to satellite that means its velocity(they found formula for velocity by taking earth radius as 6.4*10(power 6)meter) should escape from earth gravitational force so it will not fall on earth, satellite escape velocity is 11.2Km/sec. if the satellite’s velocity is more than this it will revolve around the earth in its orbit.

15)        Can you abbreviate the word AD?

  1. A) After Death of Jesus, but in that case I need to make one point here BC means before Christ and AD means after death of Jesus so it means historians did not count the living days of (37 years) Jesus. Do you agree with me? but it was not the case, AD means Anno domino, it’s a Latin word, it means in years of Jesus.

16)Who is the elder of lavakusha?

  1. A) Kusha

17)Which is the older epic (Ramayana, Mahabharata)?

  1. A) Mahabharatha-

18) Rain shape is spherical due to?

  1. A) Surface tension

19) A body weight is more in Mumbai or shimla?

  1. A) More in Mumbai because weight is a vector quantity it will varies by place, and shimla is a hill station very far from earth so earth’s gravitational force is very less when compared to Mumbai.

20)Srilanka won the cricket world cup in 1996, Bangladesh defeated India in 2007 cricket world cup and also obstructed India’s entry into quarterfinals, Kolkata first time entered into semifinals in ipl-4. Can you guess the person behind these three incidents?

  1. A) The coach of three teams was whatmore

21)If a wooden sphere and metal sphere of equal mass are dropped , which will reach first?

A)Metal sphere due to high density( here i need to talk about thermal velocity, when any person jumps from aircraft for sky diving as earth has gravitational force it pulls towards her side and but reversely viscous force will act to put him up , at certain point net force on him will be zero(both forces will be equal and opposite(Newton’s third law))that is called as thermal velocity and due to that phenomena sky divers can do many fits and can float in the sky where net force is zero and you may get doubt how can  they reach to same point(many sky divers put hands together and do some stunts even they jumped one after another)means they will adjust their speed by moving their hands and spread out their legs. Thermal velocity is more for high density objects

22) For a body to move in circle there must be force act on it towards its centre? What is that force?

  1. A) Centripetal force. Gravitational force between moon and earth will act like a centripetal force, so moon revolves around the earth in its orbit.

23) Is 1800 a leap year?

  1. A) It is not a leap year , you may get doubt it is divisible by 4 why it is not I need to share some interesting points about leap year. Why we have leap years? Why should we have 366 days in a leap year? Answer for these questions: Earth takes 365.1/4 day to revolve around the sun. So they added 4(1/4th) parts that come for every four years they made it as one day. So for every 4 years we have one leap year that contains 366 days. by this analysis they could not meet the exact timing 365.2524 ,so what they did they reduced one day for every 100 years to balance the exact time( for that 1700, 1800, 1900..etc are not leap years). But by this adjustment again they could not balance the exact earth time so again they added one day for every 400 years (that’s why 1600, 2000, 2400 are leap years)

24) How many ways can we attempt a question with four multiple choices?

  1. A) 5(4 choices and if you don’t attempt the question also that will be one attempt)

25) Why should we say hello when we answer the phone?

  1. A) Even I don’t know Google it.

26) Who will celebrate the new year first (India or Israel)?

  1. A) India (this just to say we all know sun rises at the east if we see the world map we can easily answer this question we will not get confusion over EST timings when we deal with our client)

27) ‘A force of 2 Newton’s is acting on body’ Does it make sense?

  1. A) It is wrong when we talk about force we should mention its direction (acting on body vertically or anything else)

28) Sound travels fast in (air, solids, and liquids)?

  1. A) Solids, we can observe this in many movies, when hero put his ear against rails to find the train

Arrival (particularly eloping seen)

29) Where can we swim easily (sea, river)?

  1. A) Sea, because sea density is high when compared to river. If density of any object is higher than sea it will sink (that’s why we have many sea races but few river races related to swimming)

30)        Find out the Parallelogram from below figures:




Answer:  All of the above.

Relevance of History for an administrator

Many times we wonder why we still need to bother about History Its happened already now we are living in different time and living among different people. Would reading history is waste of time? Would it be deleted? Even same idead came to this writer mind. When we think deeply there is a chance of finding answer to this question.

For any administrator there are two qualities that essentially required quick decision making and proper judgement.  An administrator may not have any other qualities but with out these two no one can become a good administrator. Knowledge is not at all required to become a good administrator as people assume because there are many people who can provide that. Some times people argue about who was responsible for 1991 economic reforms either PV or Manmohan Singh ? If this writer has to tell his opinion it should go to PV . Why? Many economists had suggested about reforms since Independence but what was lacking is decision making and proper timing. This two things  come only with decision making and proper judgement. So to conclude for any administrator the required qualities are decision making and judgement.

While reading history we suppose to read about  many kingdoms their rise and fall, different kings decision making skills and judgement about circumstances all these things will help to improve decision making and judgement skills.

2) A person gives more value to anything if he sees its evolution like a person gives more value  to a rupee if he earns it than who spends it. like wise while reading history we study about how agriculture evolved over the millions of year or a festival or a culture. When we know this the way we see the things will be completely different. Just think on it.